(HBO) - Lunar New Year, the year of rat in 2020 is approaching. The Party Committee and the Government of Hoa Binh city are directing the appropriate authorities and organizations to implement the plan of urban embellishment, ensuring a bright - green - clean - beautiful landscape, building a civilized urban area, serving the people to welcome the traditional Tet holidays. This is also the busiest time for people who are in charge of the urban embellishment.

Hoa Binh Urban Environment joint Stock Company have been using trucks for carrying water to water the flowers on the city's central roads.

For nearly one month, the decoration to serve the people enjoying spring and welcoming Tet has been implemented, creating a highlight of the landscape in the city center. The urban decoration and embellishment in some main roads are being urgently completed.

Hoa Binh Urban Environment joint Stock Company is assigned to perform many important tasks. This year, the company has been investing a lot in equipment, machinery, arranging and reorganizing human resources, working overtime to ensure the progress of serving the Lunar New Year. Mr. Tran Ngoc Dung, the Head of the Planning Department (Hoa Binh Urban Environment joint Stock Company) says that implementing the Official Letter No. 20/UBND-QLDT, dated on January 6, 2020 of the People's Committee of Hoa Binh City on the implementation of serving the Lunar New Year in 2020, the company collects and transports waste until the Lunar December 30 and increases the collection and transportation force on the roads, leaving no waste. Particularly on the 30th of Lunar New Year, from 22h to after New Year's Eve, the company arranges workers to clean up after the firework and cleans up bricks and left blueberries.

In order to ensure the clean roads without dust, washing water on the main roads has been implemented since 27 Lunar December. The company has decorated flowers and trees and cut grass on the main roads, at the headquarters of the Provincial Party Committee, the People's Council, the People's Committee, the Fatherland Front and People's Committee of Hoa Binh City. The company has also white-washed the green trees on the roads, cleaned the slopes along the banks of the Da River, cleared soil and construction waste, repaired the potholes and patch points on the roads. 

It has inspected and plugged new traffic signs, painted and repaired the road traffic signs. It has cleaned and painted 2 symbols of Hoa Binh City ... Especially, the company has paid attention to repairing and replacing the incidents of the public lighting electricity, repairing the existing decorative electrical systems, renovating 7 positions of the fountain symbol with led light on the median strips in Tran Hung Dao street.

Along with the urban embellishment, Hoa Binh City has assigned specific tasks to the departments and appropriate authorities the People's Committees of the communes and wards based on their functions and tasks to build and implement the plans with the spirit that The Lunar New Year must be organized according to the motto "Playful, united, healthy, economical and safe lunar New Year”, ensuring Tet for everyone and every home. Currently, the People’s Committee of the city has directed the appropriate authorities to ensure security and traffic safety, preventing the re-encroachment of sidewalks, roads to do business and trading. 

The City's Electricity has been deploying the plan of repairing and maintaining the grid system to ensure safe and stable electricity supply to serve production and living. The urban embellishment is paid special attention. The local authorities have actively mobilized the organizations and the local people to well maintain the "Green-clean-beautiful” movement, the civilized urban areas without garbage.

This year, a new feature is that more infrastructure works and commercial centers have been completed and put into use, contributing to creating a new look for the city and services of the city. In particular, the Monument of Uncle Ho and Hoa Binh Square is a familiar destination for the local people and tourists whenever New Year and spring arrive.

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