(HBO) - Amid complicated developments of the acute respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19), all departments and sectors in Hoa Binh province have joined hands in implementing measures to cope with the disease, with a number of emergency dispatches, notices and directives of the province issued and popularised.

Localities promptly set up their steering boards on Covid-19 prevention and control, issued plans and prepared human and material resources in response to the disease.

Localities in the province have stayed active and proactive in dealing with the disease. Notably, Da Bac, one of the most difficult districts in the province, spent 108 million VND on supporting disease prevention and control. This money was used to buy face masks and sanitizers for officials, health workers and local people, and spray chemical disinfectants at schools, health facilities, markets, tourist attractions, and crowded places. In its epidemic response scenario, the district has prepared for the worst situation of isolating thousands of people.

With the active participation of all departments, sectors and localities, communication work has been strengthened, so that people have been promptly informed of the disease situation and actively implemented preventive measures. 

When the first cases of Covid-19 were recorded in Vietnam, locals listened to the Health Ministry’s recommendations on prevention measures, and rushed to buy face masks and antibacterial hand sanitizers. It made part of the population, especially those in urban areas, bewildered. To deal with the situation, the provincial Party Committee and the provincial People's Committee convened an extraordinary meeting right at the weekend to implement the plans of the Party Central Committee, the Ministry of Health and the province in response to the COVID-19. After that, inspections over disease prevention and control and the sale of medical supplies at business establishments were conducted. Accordingly, the authorities have handled several pharmacies showing signs of increasing the prices of face masks and antibacterial hand sanitizers, and some cases of spreading rumors about the disease on social networks.

With the drastic direction of the province, the political system, businesses and people of all classes in the province have joined hands in the fight against the disease. The movement of distributing disinfectants and masks was responded by many individuals and organizations. By this time, tens of thousands of face masks and hand sanitizers were distributed free to local people. The phenomenon of mask fever (face masks sold at high prices) basically no longer exists. Many pharmacies, medical shops, the Department of Transport, the provincial Business Association, the provincial Ho Chi Minh Youth Union, and many individuals have bought face masks to provide free for locals and instruct them how to prevent the disease.

With the thorough guidance from the provincial to the grassroots level, now it can be said that in the fight against the "COVID-19 enemy" in the province, no one was left behind. Moreover, the community solidarity has been consolidated, contributing to realising the Government's determination of controlling and winning the COVID-19 fight so as to bring a safe living environment for people./.

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