(HBO) - Hop Tien commune is located in the core area of Thuong Tien Nature Reserve. Therefore, the work of protecting and developing forests is determined as a key task by Party Committee and the authorities and it needs to be strictly implemented. Since the merger, the locality has implemented many measures to preserve forests.

The officials of Hop Tien commune (Kim Boi) have been propagating to the forest fire prevention and fighting to the local in the hot season.

Currently there are 4,310.26 ha of special use of forest land, 553.84 ha of protective forests in the commune. The entire forest area of Hop Tien is always well-protected with no forest fire and no case of violating the Forest Law. The forest cover has reached 85%. The commune has planted 23 hectares of new forests, exceeding 3 hectares compared with the whole year target. Thanks to the afforestation and the economic development from the forest, people's lives have been improved, and many families have become from afforestation.

It is a locality having a large area of forest land, and located in the core area of Thuong Tien Nature Reserve with fresh air. These are the favorable conditions for the people to take advantage of exploitation of forest resources such as planting production forests, developing beekeeping for honey, especially if Hop Tien commune can exploit well, tourism can be developed. The road from the center of the commune to the hamlet is now easy for travelling, it is no longer bumpy as before. Khu hamlet has been retaining the cultural identity of Muong ethnic people with the stilted houses hidden on the mountains and the green terraced fields. The small village is sheltered by the immense green forests and tall ancient trees, going deep into the forest there are small streams gurgling all year round ... There have been many groups of visitors coming here to experience the journey of discovery and they feel really interested.

In order to exploit the potentials and strengths of the forest, all levels and branches have had the policies to develop tourism in Khu hamlet. Currently, Hop Tien is restoring and developing the local specialties, building the brand of the specific agricultural products, preserving the cultural identity of Muong ethnic people to towards tourism. At the same time, they have closely collaborated with the Management Board of Thuong Tien Nature Reserve to better protect forests.


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