(HB) - On September 5th, along with millions of students nationwide, more than 23,000 students of our province are eagerly entering the new school year of 2020-2021.

Luong Son Vocational & Continuing Education Center are welcoming students to enter the new school year.

The opening of the 2020-2021 school year takes place in the context that the whole country is struggling against Covid-19 epidemics. Therefore, along with the preparation of the facilities, the equipment, the teaching aids, the textbooks and so on, the schools have paid attention to the spray disinfection, preparing the hand sanitizer, the masks as well as the plans for the disease prevention and control to welcome students back to school after the summer vacation. The schools have coordinated with the local government, the parent association to conduct a review to timely support the students having difficulty in life, ensuring the no student cannot go to school due to the lack of clothes and books.

This year's entrance ceremony is held in a solemn and meaningful manner, however, it is concise with the main goal of encouraging the morale of the management staff, the teachers and the students. Right in the entrance ceremony, 100% of the students entering grade 1 received helmets from Honda Vietnam to ensure traffic safety when going to school.

The leaders from the Provincial Party Committee, the People's Council, the People's Committee, the Fatherland Front and other departments, sectors of the province attend the entrance ceremony to encourage the teachers and the students of the schools in the province.

* At Le Van Tam Primary School in Hoa Binh City, Mr. Bui Van Tinh, the Member of the Party Central Committee, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; The leaders of the Provincial Party’s Propaganda Department, the Department of Transport, Hoa Binh Newspaper ... attended, encouraged and congratulated the school's teachers and students on the occasion of the entrance ceremony of the new school year and receiving the school's certificate of the national standard at level 2.

Mr. Bui Van Tinh, the Member of the Party Central Committee, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and leaders of Hoa Binh City’s Party Committee, the other departments and branches are presenting helmets to the students of grade 1 at Le Van Tam Primary School.

In the past school years, Le Van Tam Primary School has developed plans and implemented well the educational activities, ensuring to follow the instructions and direction of all the management levels and has achieved many good results. The school has always completed the task of accrediting the quality of education, building schools up to the national standards. In the school year of 2019 - 2020, the school continues to be voted and respected by the Primary Emulation Division, and it is evaluated and rated as the first unit of the division by the City Education and Training Sector Emulation and Reward Council and it is proposed to be rewarded by the People's Committee. The result of the 2019 - 2020 school year is that over 65% of students of the school have successfully completed Vietnamese and 73% of students have completed Maths well. The school has many students achieving high results in competitions such as IOE English, Vietnamese poinsettia contest

On the occasion of the entrance ceremony of the new school year, the school has received a certificate of recognition of the school meeting the national standards at level 2.

Also on the occasion of the entrance ceremony of the new school year, the Provincial Traffic Safety Committee has cooperated with HONDA Vietnam to give helmets and instructions to properly use helmets to the students of grade 1. The other appropriate authorities and social and political unions have also presented many gifts to encourage the students with difficult circumstances and poor students of the school.

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