(HBO) – Mai Chau purple garlic (Noong Luong garlic) has entered Top 100 gift specialties of Vietnam in 2021 - 2022 by Vietnam Record Organisation (VietKings), helping the product to get closer to consumers inside and outside the country.

People of Hoa Binh city use purple garlic for their daily meals.

The garlic is cultivated in Noong Luong commune, which is Thanh Son commune of Mai Chau district now, as well as a number of mountainous localities in Tan Lac district.

The garlic's bulb is small withyellow cloves when they are unskinned. It is juicy and fragrant, bold and spicy. Besides being used as seasoning for common dishes, purple garlic is also used as a kind of herbal medicine.

Mai Chau purple garlic has received certificate of collective trademark by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam under the Ministry of Science and Technology following Decision No. 102266/QD-SHTT dated December 3, 2020. A ceremony to receive the certificate was held in Mai Chau in 2021.

Products covered by "Mai Chau Purple Garlic" trademark include garlic products produced and processed from purple garlic bulbs grown in Thanh Son commune and meeting the standards of prescribed characteristics and branded services.

According to Chairman of the People’s Committee of Thanh Son commune Ha Van Khiem, purple garlic has been cultivated in the locality for generations. To date, the locality has about 21 hectares of purple garlic, mostly in Co Phay and Noong Luong hamlets.

Currently, Mai Chau is designing the planning for purple garlic region and seeking measures to support local farmers in varieties and fertiliser to expand the product’s farming area./.


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