(HBO) - In recent years, administrative reform work in Hoa Binh city has been implemented concertedly, producing positive results in all contents. In particular, the city promotes the application of technology and modernisation of the state apparatus, takes drastic actions in handling administrative procedures and builds a contingent of cadres and civil servants who have good ethics and high level of professionalism.

Staff at the one-stop shop division of Hoa Binh city People's Committee handle administrative procedures.

The one-stop shop division is located on the first floor of the city People's Committee headquarters where administrative procedures are listed publicity. Nguyen Thi Hong, who resides in Thinh Lang ward, said that she feels satisfied with the service provided when coming to the division to complete the procedures of transferring land use rights. The division’s staff instructed her on how to conduct the procedures and gave a specific date for returning the result, she added.

Bui Quang Diep, Chairman of Hoa Binh City People's Committee, said the city administration issued Decision No 15/QD-UBND, dated January 9, 2023 on the administrative reform plan in 2023. The plan specifies 55 main tasks in different areas of administrative reform and assigns specific duties to each agency and unit.

In the first six months of the year, the city completed 29 out of 55 tasks set in the plan, equivalent to 52.73%. The city People's Committee has focused on directing the implementation of breakthrough solutions such as launching the Intelligent Operation Centre (IOC) and piloting an automatic switchboard notifying results of handling of administrative procedures as well as the "people-friendly administration” model at Phuong Lam Ward People's Committee.

During the period, the city administration received 1,651 administrative procedure applications, of which 1,577 have been resolved and another 74 are being processed. The administrations at the commune and ward levels received 23,136 administrative procedure dossiers, of which 23,094 have been settled.

The province's leader said that in the remaining months of this year, the city will continue to implement the assigned tasks in the 2023 administrative reform plan. It will strictly implement the one-stop-shop mechanism in receiving and handling administrative procedures for organizations and citizens in line with State regulations. Attention will be paid to carrying out solutions in the 2023 digital transformation plan. It will organise communications to disseminate basic digital skills to people such as accessing and using the internet, online shopping and payment as well as online public services, ensuring the safety of personal information.

The city will continue to effectively implement the project on "Developing the application of population data, electronic identification and authentication to serve national digital transformation in 2022-2025 period, with a vision to 2030" in the locality. It will encourage the filing and handling of administrative procedures through online public services to meet assigned targets.

In addition to organising surprise inspections on the performance of public employees at agencies, units, and People's Committees of wards and communes, the city will strictly deal with cadres and civil servants who don’t have the right behavior and attitude to organisations and citizens to improve the efficiency of administrative management./. 

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