(HBO) - Officials and people of Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province, were happy with their district’s accomplishment of the "dual goals” on new-style rural building and urban development. In 2019, the Hoa Binh provincial appraisal council assessed that Luong Son met all new-style rural building criteria and submitted related paperwork for the recognition.

Also in the year, the Ministry of Construction recognized Luong Son town and expanded areas as having met the criteria for the fourth-grade urban area.

Rural roads in Cu Yen commune, Luong Son district, were built according to new-style rural building criteria.

Bui Van Dau, Secretary of the Luong Son district Party Committee said the implementation of the new-style rural building programme is the result of matching the Party’s goal and local people’s wish and it has created a profound change in the mindset and actions of the district’s administration as well as the socio-economic facelift of the locality.

He added that the involvement of the entire political system has enabled the district to gain crucial goals in building new-style rural areas. Thousands of billions of VND have been mobilized into developing infrastructure as well as production, and agricultural restructuring in combination with the new-style rural building.

Investment in to the upgrade of urban infrastructure, transport, irrigation, culture, and education have helped the district meet its local people’s needs to develop production and improve their living conditions.

So far, all communes have accomplished the building of new-style rural areas with all households having connected with the national electricity grid, the healthcare, cultural and educational systems meeting all required criteria. Twenty-five out of38 schools met the national standard, reaching 65.8 percent while all health clinics reached the required criteria.

As the new-style rural building has been carried out in combination with agriculture restructuring, the district has initially formed commercial production areas to meet market demands. The Luong Son mountainous goat brand of the district has been certified by the Intellectual Property Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology. In addition to that, Tuyet Nhi Celastrus hindsii (Xa Den) jelly, Dong Suong organic Asian spinach, Tan Thanh grapefruit, Thuat Phat chicken, and Viba bananas have been certified as One Commune One Products (OCOP).

Along with that, the district has focused on generating jobs, restructuring rural labor force, and improving the local people’s living condition. Only 3.91 percent of the district’s households remain poor.

With the goal of developing the urban area in the district’s inner location, Luong Son has taken measures to improve the business environment, rally all resources, and implement solutions planning and managing the planning of infrastructure, industry, trade and service sectors.

Industrial zones in the district have housed business and production projects, contributing to raising the export value for the district as well as making a job shift into the industrial sector for farming labourers. The district is making the planning for projects to develop industrial clusters in the locality, like Tan Vinh, Hoa Son and Cao Duong, in a bid to draw more investment into industry.

Though harvesting such outstanding accomplishments, the Party Committee and people of Luong Son district remain committed to maintaining and improving the quality of new-style rural building criteria, looking forward to turning the locality into a worth-living rural area, and an economic centre of Hoa Binh province./. 




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