(HBO) - Currently there are 40 agricultural cooperatives in Lac Thuy district, accounting for 83.3% of the total number of cooperatives. In recent years, the agricultural cooperatives in the district have affirmed their role in promoting the local economic development. Many agricultural cooperatives are quick to grasp the market tastes, increasing the service linksn and cooperating with each other and other businesses to form a sustainable production chain.

Chi Ne Plantation Technological Cooperative, Phu Nghia Commune (Lac Thuy) has been cooperating with the households to develop the material areas for growing mulberry - raising silkworms. 

To raise the level of Lac Thuy chicken brand, many chicken raising cooperatives in the district have linked with the satellite households, between the cooperatives with the cooperatives and the cooperatives with the enterprises to expand their scale. The typical examples are Lac Thuy chicken raising cooperative, Hai Dang hi-tech organic agriculture cooperative, Tuan Chuyen livestock service cooperative, Minh Duc cooperative... In 2018, Lac Thuy chicken raising cooperative was established and it maintained a total flock of 10,000 chickens/broiler. In the form of linking with the satellite households, the cooperative collects eggs, breeders and broilers for the satellite households. Annually, the cooperative supplies about 2 million breeding chickens, 200 tons of commercial broilers for the market. The cooperative has created jobs for 10-15 regular local workers, with an income of 5 - 6 million VND a month. In 2019, the cooperative's fresh whole chicken products met the provincial 4-star OCOP standard. 

Although it was newly established, Chi Ne Plantation Technical and Trade Cooperative (Phu Nghia commune) has boldly linked with other households to develop the material area for growing mulberry - raising silkworms. Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, a member of the cooperative says: In April 2021, the cooperative was established with 7 members, who are mainly the children from Lac Thuy living in Hanoi. The cooperative has invested in building a chain of links with the households to expand the raw material area, deploying the model of growing mulberry - raising silkworms. Currently, the cooperative has grown on 8 hectares in Phu Nghia commune, Phu Thanh. The participating households are supported with the techniques and seeds and fertilizers. The cooperative commits to purchasing 100% of the mulberry leaves at the price of 4,000 VND/kg, the silkworm cocoons at the price of 150,000 VND/kg.

According to the assessment of the District’s Steering Committee for the collective economic development, the agricultural cooperatives in the district have affirmed their active role in linking with the production households to form a concentrated agricultural production area, ensuring safety and quality. The are the citrus fruit growing areas concentrated in Phu Nghia, Dong Tam communes, Ba Hang Doi town; the custard-apple growing area in Dong Tam commune; the husbandry areas… In addition, many agricultural cooperatives have established the links and the cooperation with other enterprises in production and business, stabilizing the product output and developing the chain of the industry value … In the first 6 months this year, the revenue of 40 agricultural cooperatives reached 10.7 billion VND; The average profit of the cooperatives is about 2.4 billion VND.


In the coming time, in order to improve the competitiveness, the agricultural cooperatives need to strengthen the close links with the members, the cooperatives with cooperatives, the cooperatives with businesses and other economic sectors along the value chain with a view to providing capital, material, machinery, technology, techniques for the input and product consumption of the cooperatives. The district continues building and developing the products with high added value and the traditional products; building brands, promoting products in association with the implementation of OCOP Program; applying high technology in agriculture through new models of cooperatives operating effectively. They continue supporting the policy of the preferential credit loans for the agricultural cooperatives to expand the production development; coordinating to organize more seminars on linking production and consumption of the products between the enterprises and the cooperatives. Thereby, it helps creating the synergy, improving the ability to cope with risks, meeting the increasing requirements of the market.


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