(HBO) - Over the years, Mai Chau town (Mai Chau) has effectively been exploiting its potential and advantages to develop trade and services, contributing to creating jobs, improving people's lives, making the town develop towards a civilized city.

Mai Chau town (Mai Chau) has strongly been developing the trade and service activities. 

Walking around the town, we feel the strong development of the romantic tourism land with many business and commercial establishments, which hve been invested and expanded along the roads and the central market area; The goods exchange has been actively taking place. With the advantage of having a central market located in the area, many households have boldly invested in developing business services. Currently, in the whole Mai Chau district there are 2,273 business and trading households, of which there are 605 households engaged in trading and business, focusing on the following sectors: Production and trading of building materials, groceries, electronics, refrigeration, food.... According to the estimates, the average income of the people in the town was nearly 52 million VND, the poverty rate decreased to 0.85% in 2022. 

As a grocery business household with more than 20 years of experience in the central market area of the district, Ms. Pham Thi Lien from sub-zone 4, Mai Chau town says: With the advantage of being in the town center, having a favorable business location, along with the development needs of the market and the tastes of consumers, my family has invested, traded and expanded different business types with a variety of product designs and quality assurance, being trusted by the consumers. The business activities have been providing a source of income and creating a stable job for my family members. 

Mr. Bui Trong Nghia from sub-area 1, Mai Chau town, who operates a food service business, says: During business process, we are always facilitated by the local government to participate in training courses on the food safety, the access to the concessional loans. In recent years, due to the impact of Covid-19 epidemics, the business activities have been affected. With the current good control of the epidemics, it is hoped that the production, business and service activities are restored, contributing to promoting the local socio-economic development. 

Exploiting the advantages in economic development, in addition to creating conditions for the administrative procedures, premises and maintaining security and order so that the organizations and individuals can assure to invest, expand the scale of production and business, Mai Chau town has actively been cooperating with the specialized units to strengthen inspection and strictly control the good trading and production, ensuring food safety and hygiene; propagating regulations on fire prevention and fighting at the production and business establishments operating in the locality; arranging and creating the conditions for the households to participate in business at the market places, the households with advantages on roads... 

Ms. Ha Thi Vinh, the Chairman of the People's Committee of Mai Chau Town says: The town has been focusing on attracting the resources, creating fthe avorable conditions for the organizations and individuals to invest in expanding business and production; supporting the promotion of the product brand, strengthening the trade promotion; rapidly developing the potential and competitive service industries. Through the Bank for Social Policies, the District’s Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development and the credit funds, the mass organizations have been guiding the members to access the loans for the economic development of the householdt. The commercial and service development have been positively contributing to the socio-economic development of the town. 

Making the field of trade and service become a spearhead economic sector, Mai Chau town continues to attract the sources of the investment capital for the infrastructure construction; creating conditions for the organizations and individuals to expand their investment activities, ensuring the social security, and contributing to well serving the goals of the economic growth.

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