Following the successes achieved in 2023, the local agricultural and rural development sector, localities and cooperatives are gearing up for first orders of the year, as part of their efforts to boost agricultural exports.

 Workers at Kim Boi joint Stock Company in Ba Hang Doi town in Lac Thuy district focusing on production to ensure adequate quantity of products serving upcoming export orders.

For the 2024-2025 crop, the sector targets having at least 300 tonnes of pomelo meeting export standards and one packaging facility fulfilling requirements from the EU market, as well as maintaining all codes of farming areas for export and issuing at least two new ones.

This year, the local agro-forestry-fishery sector is striving to grow at a rate of 4.5%, with its total production value reaching 13.5 trillion VND (546.5 million USD) and its 16 products under the One Commune One Product programme standardised at three stars or above.

In a bid to increase agricultural export activities and the value of agro-forestry-fishery goods, the sector has so far worked on effectively implementing a series of schemes issued by the provincial Party Committee's Standing Board. They include the one on restructuring the economy associated with renewing the growth model as well as another on developing agriculture, boosting product consumption, and building new-style rural areas for 2021-2025.

In addition, it is continuing various measures to facilitate local enterprises and cooperatives engaging in exports, thus helping them advertise their product on the portal, while also strengthening inspection and supervision of their production processes, and studying and seeking new markets.

So far this year, the sector has issued food safety certifications for four production-business establishments, participated in an agricultural expo in Hanoi to seek partners and explore new consumption markets, activated 20,000 origin traceability labels, and conducted food safety testing on 45 farm produce samples.

Nguyen Phuong Thuy, Deputy Director of the provincial sub-department of quality management for agro-forestry-fishery products, stated that recently, a number of local agricultural goods, such as grains, canned porridge, and processed bamboo shoots, have been shipped overseas. The office has promptly implemented food safety and origin-tracing supervision at production and business facilities across the province after the Lunar New Year holiday, she noted.

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