Kim Boi mineral water has been known as a precious natural gift bestowed upon the district of Kim Boi. Kim Boi mineral water is extracted from limestone beds formed 250 million years old at a depth of 175.5m with a temperature of 36.5°C. It contains many minerals useful for human health such as calcium, sodium and magnesium.

Workers of the Kim Boi Mineral Water joint Stock Company examine mineral water products.


As one of the two units that are licensed for mineral exploitation in the district, the Kim Boi Mineral Water joint Stock Company has focused on investing in infrastructure, building new workshops, and purchasing modern production machines, meeting ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 standards, with a total value of hundreds of VND. 

Kim Boi mineral water meets the requirements of food safety and hygiene quality certified by the Ministry of Health. It has been granted a trademark registration certificate and voted for high-quality Vietnamese products. The company has supplied various natural mineral water products to the market, along with improving product designs to cater to customer segments. 

The company's total revenue reaches over 15.3 billion VND (597,181 USD) per year, providing stable jobs and income for nearly 40 local workers. Last year, Kim Boi mineral water was certified as meeting 4-star One Commune One Product (OCOP) standards. With its potential and existing advantages, the company is carrying out a major restructuring and speeding up investment promotion toward being recognised as a 5-star OCOP product, gradually becoming natural mineral water brand with the largest market share in Vietnam. 

Vu Hai Phong, General Director of the Kim Boi Mineral Water joint Stock Company, said that over the past 45 years of formation and development, its Kim Boi mineral water products have gained the trust of consumers. The company has invested in upgrading two new bottling production lines using German technology with a capacity of 60 million bottles per year, he added. 

Aiming to become not only a strong domestic brand but also reach the global market, the company continues to invest in infrastructure, equipment to expand production and diversify products. 

It is also building a promotion strategy, introducing products as a specialty of Kim Boi district, building a new wastewater treatment area to ensure environmental criteria; focusing on efficiently exploiting rare and precious mineral water sources, Phong said, adding that the company is striving to satisfy criteria to be recognised as a 5-star OCOP product, elevating the Kim Boi natural mineral water brand to new heights.


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