Ngo Kim Quyen, from Dong Tien commune, Hoa Binh city, has earned a stable income from cordyceps – a three-star OCOP product.

Ngo Kim Quyen, owner of QP Gold production facility in Dong Tien ward, Hoa Binh city, checks products before distribution. 

A graduate of the Vietnam National University of Forestry, Quyen was employed by a technology research and application centre. However, he then decided to run his own business with QP Gold – a cordyceps production facility. 

In the early days, he faced a host of difficulties like capital shortage, product quality failures and high material prices. 

With the support from his family and strong determination, Quyen finally succeeded in growing cordyceps one year later, and delivered the first products as gifts to collect feedback. 

In 2019, Quyen and his wife used up their savings and sought borrowings to build the production facility. Despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, he still pocketed about 50 million VND (1,964 USD) each month, which doubles and more than that at present. 

SP Gold has welcomed many youth union members in Hoa Binh city and other localities who come to learn from Quyen’s experience, and set up connectivity in production and sale. 

In 2022, SP Gold products have won the three-star OCOP status, helping boost consumption, and earning Quyen some 1 billion VND each year. 

The man said he will invest more in technology, varieties and machinery to improve product quality and seek higher status for his products.

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