After six days of work with a high spirit of responsibility, the seventh plenary session of the 12th Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) completed all of the contents of its agenda. The Party Central Committee brought into play ahigh level of democracy and wisdom, and frankly discussed the projects on the building of a contingent of senior officials, especially at a strategic level, with sufficient virtue, capacity and prestige on a par with their assigned tasks in the new circumstance.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong speaks at the closing session.

In addition, they discussed the reform of wage policies and the renovation of social insurance policies, as well as deciding on a number of other important issues. The contents discussed at the meeting were very important, which attracted the attention of people of all strata.

Regarding the building of a contingent of senior officials at all levels, over the past 20 years of the implementation of the Resolution of the third plenary session of the 8th Central Committee of the CPV on the strategy of cadres at all levels, the structure of age, gender, ethnicity, occupation, and fields of work has been more balanced and rational and the planning staff is plentiful, basically ensuring the transition between generations. The development of the staff is a key factor in deciding the great achievements of historical significance in the cause of national renewal. However, the shortcomings and limitations of a part of the cadres, as well as in personnel work, are some of the reasons that caused the country’s development to not match its potential and strengths, while undermining the people’s belief in the Party.

The seventh plenary session of the 12th Central Committee of the CPV focused on discussing the situation of cadre work, the causes of the shortcomings, as well as the direction, tasks and solutions to build up the contingent of cadres at all levels. The Central Committee identified eight groups of tasks, solutions, two focuses and five breakthroughs to carry out the set out tasks and solutions. On the basis of a thorough and in-depth discussion of the Politburo report, the meeting agreed on the issuance of a Resolution of the Party Central Committee on the building of a contingent of senior officials, especially at strategic level, with sufficient virtue, capacity and prestige on a par with their assigned tasks in the new circumstance, in line with the strategies of national socio-economic development and national defence, while ensuring a stable and continuous transition between generations to lead the country forward.

Regarding the reform of wage policies, the Party Central Committee evaluated the achievements, limitations, weaknesses, causes and lessons learned from the previous salary reforms and analysed forecasts on the country’s socio-economic situation in the future. From that point of view, they set out the ideas, directions, objectives, tasks, policies, and measures to further reform wage policies with new feasible contents. The meeting promulgated a resolution on reforming the salary policy for cadres, civil servants, employees, the armed forces and workers in enterprises in order to build a system of national wage policy in a scientific, modern, transparent and effective manner, suitable with the practical situation of the country and meeting the development requirements of the socialist-oriented market economy. It also aims to build harmonious, progressive and dynamic labour relations to increase production capacity, labour productivity, as well as the quality of human resources and the competitiveness of the economy; thereby contributing to building a stable, uniform, streamlined, clean, effective and efficient political system; preventing and combating corruption and wastefulness; and implementing social progress and equality, as well as promoting national socio-economic development and international integration.

Regarding the reform of the social insurance policies, over the past few years, the Party and the State have always paid attention to leading and directing the development and implementation of policies to ensure social security, promote progress and social equality, considering them as both a goal and motivation for the sustainable development of the country, reflecting the humanity and the good nature of the regime. All levels, branches, political and social organisations, the business community and employees have actively implemented the Party’s guideline on reforming, improving and enhancing the effectiveness of social insurance policies and have achieved many important results. However, the issuance and implementation of social insurance policies are still limited and inadequate. The Party Central Committee agreed to promulgate a resolution on the reform of the social insurance policies so that social insurance is truly one of the main pillars of the system, contributing an important part inimplementing progress and equality.

They also underlined the need to develop a diversified, multi-layered, modern and integrated social insurance system on the principles of equality, equity, sharing and sustainability, as well as improving the effectiveness of the management and implementation of social insurance policies in a streamlined, professional, modern, effective, reliable and transparent manner.

Delegates at the meeting also discussed a report on the leadership and direction work of the Politburo and the Secretariat in 2017 in groups. The Party Central Committee highly appreciated the leadership, direction and achievements obtained in the Party building, the fight against corruption of the Politburo and the Secretariat, headed by Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. The Party Central Committee also discussed the report on the inspection, supervision and discipline of the Party and discussed the work of cadres, and elected two supplementary members of the Secretariat.

The seventh plenary session of the 12th Central Committee of the CPV was a success. With the positive results and achievements, the meeting contributed to creating a new impetus for the comprehensive and synchronous reform, the building of a strong and pure Party, and the rapid and sustainable development of the country. In his speech at the closing session, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong called on the whole Party to uphold its responsibility and great determination to make the Resolution come into life, as well as make clear changes with practical results, that cadres, party members and people would be able to see and feel.



                        Source: NDO

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