(HBO) – The assisting team of the provincial Steering Committee for Project 06/CP on September 20 held a conference to review the results of the implementation of Project 06/CP in September and to outline the tasks for October.

The Labor Federation of Mai Chau district: Promoting the movement of culture and sports among the union members and employees

(HBO) - In addition to well performing the function of representing and protecting the legal and legitimate rights and interests of the trade union’s members, workers, public employees, and laborers at all levels, the Trade Union of Mai Chau district has been maintaining the organization of cultural, arts and sports activities to better take care of the lives of the employees. Thereby, it has been contributing to the successful implementation of the tasks at the agencies, units and businesses, promoting the local socio-economic development.

Lac Son district deploys commune-level digital transformation model

(HBO) – The People's Committee of Lac Son district has issued a plan on the implementation of commune-level digital transformation model (version 1.0).

Hoa Binh improves public service quality, investment environment

(HBO) – The Standing Board of the Party Committee of Hoa Binh province said resolutions adopted by all-level Party Congresses and the 17th provincial Party Congress have been implemented concertedly and comprehensively.

Hoa Binh’s history from inception to 2020 to be compiled

(HBO) - The provincial Party Committee’s steering committee for Project No. 14-DA/TU, dated November 29, 2022, has issued a notice regarding the collection, research, and compilation of the history of Hoa Binh from its inception to 2020.

Hoa Binh city promotes administrative reform to serve people, businesses

(HBO) - In recent years, administrative reform work in Hoa Binh city has been implemented concertedly, producing positive results in all contents. In particular, the city promotes the application of technology and modernisation of the state apparatus, takes drastic actions in handling administrative procedures and builds a contingent of cadres and civil servants who have good ethics and high level of professionalism.

Cao Phong - Thach Yen revolutionary base get a facelift

(HBO) – Capitalising on local socio-economic strengths, the Party organisation, authorities and people of Thach Yen commune, which is home to Cao Phong – Thach Yen revolutionary base, have made efforts to promote the building of new-style rural areas, helping create a facelift to the locality.

Models help create facelift for Dinh Cu commune

(HBO) - Amidst the encroachment on roads, Ban Trong hamlet, Dinh Cu commune, Lac Son district of Hoa Binh province has deployed boundary marker measures to prevent the problem in the locality.

Tan Lac district accelerates progress of key projects

(HBO) - Tan Lac district focuses on directing and urging agencies to speed up the progress of important projects that have a big impact on promoting economic restructuring and improving people's lives.

Accelerating the progress of building the new rural area

(HBO) - To speed up the program of building the new rural area, Da Bac district has implemented many solutions. In particular, the investment in essential infrastructure is identified as one of the most important solutions.

Hoa Binh company ensures stable power supply during National Day holiday

(HBO) - The Hoa Binh Power Company (PC Hoa Binh) has taken measures to ensure a stable power supply in the province during the National Day holiday.

Provincial Party Committee gives opinions on Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh road expansion investment project

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh provincial Party Committee on August 25 held a meeting on the investment plan and commitment to allocate budget for the project of expanding Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh road.

Growth motivation in Quyet Chien mountainous commune

(HBO) – Quyet Chien, a mountainous commune in Tan Lac district and about 17km from the district downtown, has a total area of 2,000 hectares and a rough terrain with high rock mountains. The long, narrow valley strip with small fields is the commune's major agricultural production hub, which accounts for about 11.4% of the commune’s total natural area, and the rest is mainly forest land with forest and bold rock mountains.

Nuong Dam works hard on forest economic development

(HBO) - Afforestation models in Nuong Dam commune (Kim Boi district) have been scaled up, contributing to increasing incomes and improving livelihoods and living standards for local residents, towards gradually developing sustainable forestry.

Provincial Party Committee’s Standing Board discusses important transport projects

(HBO) – Nguyen Phi Long, alternate member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the Hoa Binh provincial Party Committee, chaired a meeting of the provincial Party Committee’s Standing Board on August 22 to discuss the projects on building Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh Road, upgrading the Xuan Mai - Hoa Binh section of National Highway 6, and building the Km19+00 - Km53+00 section of Hoa Binh - Moc Chau Expressway; along with some other important socio-economic development issues.

Lac Son works hard on socio-economic development tasks

(HBO) - With the motto of solidary, proactivity, and efforts to overcome challenges, the Party Committee, authorities, and people of Lac Son district have effectively implemented Resolutions of the 13th Party Congress, the Party Congress of the province and the district in the 2020 - 2025 tenure.

The farms in Lac Thuy district have been affirming the key role in new rural construction

(HBO) – "Promoting the spirit of solidarity, dynamism, creativity, worthy of being the center and core in the farmer’s movement of building the new countryside” - this is the direction adopted by the Farmers' Union in Lac Thuy district determined that it should continue to be promoted in the 2023-2028 term, contributing to further impetus for the development of the homeland.

Mai Chau township targets to become four-tier urban area by 2030

(HBO) - The Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee has just issued Resolution No. 20-NQ/TU orienting the development of Mai Chau township into a four-tier urban area to 2030.

Hoa Binh province’s urban development scheme till 2025 announced

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh provincial Department of Construction held a conference on August 15 to announce the local urban development scheme till 2025, with orientations to 2030

Hoa Binh company holds All People''s Security Safeguard Festival

(HBO) - The Anh Ky investment and development corporation on August 10 held an "All People Safeguard National Security” festival. Attending the event were Bui Van Tinh, former Central Party Committee member and former Secretary of the provincial Party Committee; Tran Dang Ninh, former Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and former Chairman of the provincial People's Council; as well as members of the provincial Party Committee Standing Board – Nguyen Van Toan, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, and Nguyen Duc Dung, Secretary of the Party Committee of Luong Son district.

Cooperative develops herbal medicine practice of Dao ethnic group

(HBO) – With strength in traditional herbal medicine practice and dedication, responsibility of its members, Ngoc Sang Herbal Cooperative in Tien Lam hamlet in Bac Phong commune of Hoa Binh province's Cao Phong district has improved the quality of their products, contributing to preserving traditional practices while generating jobs for local Dao ethnic women.

Van Mai commune gets facelift

(HBO) – Thanks to the sound direction of the local Party Committee and administration in the implementation of a resolution of the commune Party Organisation's Congress for the 2020-2025 period, Van Mai commune of Mai Chau district has achieved positive results in socio-economic development, thus bringing changes to the locality's appearance.

Da Bac district records positive development

(HBO) - Da Bac, the most difficult highland district of Hoa Binh, is home to over 59,000 people, with ethnic minorities accounting for nearly 90% of the population. Implementing national target programmes, the district has established a steering committee to assign tasks and plan the allocation of fundings for various local projects.

The Day “All People protecting the National Security” in Van Mai Commune

(HBO) - On 8 August, the Steering Committee 09 in Van Mai commune (Mai Chau) organized the Day "All People Protecting the National Security (This unit was the point in Mai Chau district). There was the attendance of Colonel Do Thanh Binh, a Member of Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, a Director of Provincial Public Security, a Deputy Head of the provincial Standing Committee.

Hang Tram town strives to overcome difficulties

(HBO) - In 2022, the income per capita of Yen Thuy district’s Hang Tram town reached 53.13 million VND ( 2,230 USD) and the poverty rate decreased by 2.28%. The result reflects the town's outstanding efforts in actively preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic and developing socio-economic development.