(HBO) – In the past three years, intra-provincial trade in the mountainous province of Hoa Binh has maintained stable growth momentum with the growth rate of total circulation of retail goods and services in the period of 2021 – 2023 reaching about 17.96%.

Hoa Binh province strives to improve PAR index

(HBO) – Last year, the Party Committee and the People's Committee of Hoa Binh province directed agencies to accelerate administrative reform. With the determination and participation of the whole political system, positive changes have been recorded in the work. The PAR index of the province increased in terms of score between 2016 and 2022. Specifically, it rose by 14.18% in seven years.

Da Bac district develops OCOP products to add values to agricultural products

(HBO) – Implementing the One Commune One Product (OCOP) programme, Da Bac district of Hoa Binh province has been developing OCOP products, considering it an effective way to increase the values of local typical agricultural products.

Establishment of Hoa Binh Young Entrepreneurs' Association marked

(HBO) – A Gala to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the provincial Young Entrepreneurs' Association was held on May 28. Former member of the Party Central Committee and former chairman of the Party Central Committee's Commission for  External Relations, and Honorary Chairman of the the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs' Association (VYEA) Hoang Binh Quan; Vice President of the Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF) and President of VYEA; alternate member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Nguyen Phi Long; Vice Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Bui Van Khanh; Vice Chairmen of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Toan and Quach Tat Liem attended the event.

Project works as level of socio-economic development in ethnic, mountainous areas

(HBO) – With 10 projects and 36 subprojects, Hoa Binh's project on socio-economic development in ethnic and mountainous areas programme for 2021-2025 has significantly contributed to boosting economic growth, helping reduce poverty sustainably among ethnic people in the province.

Work starts on Huong Binh cable line

(HBO) – The Thai Binh Tourism Co. Ltd, an affiliate of Pacific Group, held a ceremony in Phu Nghia commune, Lac Thuy district, Hoa Binh province, to start the construction of works in Hoa Binh section of the Huong Binh cable line project.

The leaders from the Provincial People's Committee worked with the delegation of European Union in Vietnam

(HBO) - On May 26, Mr. Quach Tat Liem, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and the leaders from a number of departments and branches worked with the delegation of European Union in Vietnam, led by Mr. Mario Ronconi, the Director General in charge of South Asia - Southeast Asia at the Asia - Pacific - Middle East Department under the General Department of International Partnership as the head of the delegation, to introduce and discuss the potentials and strengths of the locality as well as the cooperation opportunities between Hoa Binh and European Union.

Pilot project to develop material area of agricultural and forestry products in Hoa Binh

(HBO) - The Department of Economic Cooperation and Rural Development under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Hoa Binh province’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the People's Committees of Lac Son and Yen Thuy districts, and Fusa Organic Agriculture joint Stock Company on May 20 signed a strategic cooperation agreement on implementing a pilot project to build a material area of agricultural and forestry products that meet standards for domestic consumption and export in Hoa Binh province in the 2022 – 2025 period.

Ngo Luong commune develops native animal rearing

(HBO) - In recent years, farmers in Ngo Luong commune, Tan Lac district, have focused on raising animals native to the land, hence the formation of products imbued with the local identity, serving the future growth of tourism.

Hoa Binh cooperative alliance supports formation of farm produce production, selling chains

(HBO) – Over the years, the Hoa Binh Cooperative Alliance have rolled out various measures to support local cooperatives to develop farm produce production and selling chains, thus promoting the economic transition process, creating jobs and improving income for local farmers.

Hoa Binh striving to raise market entry index

(HBO) – Hoa Binh province saw its market entry index, one of the sub-indices of the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), increasing in terms of points, yet decreasing in ranking last year.

Hoa Binh takes drastic measures to improve provincial competitiveness index

(HBO) -The Office of the Hoa Binh provincial People's Committee has just issued Notice No.3402/TB-VPUBND on the conclusion of the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee at the meeting of the provincial steering committee for improving the investment and business environment and provincial competitiveness index (PCI).

Lac Son works hard to improve district and department competitiveness index

(HBO) – The authority of Lac Son district is striving to improve the District and Department Competitiveness Index (DDCI), aiming to improve the business and investment environment, thus attracting more businesses and investors to the locality.

Sharing the mechanisms and policies to support the businesses in the Northwest mountainous provinces

(HBO) - On May 13rd, the Provincial Business Association hosted a conference on association, cooperation and development of Business Associations in the provinces of Hoa Binh, Son La, Dien Bien, Lai Chau with the theme "Sharing the mechanisms and policies to support the businesses in the Northwest mountainous provinces”; signing a cooperation agreement on the legal support for businesses between the Center of Vietnam International Arbitration and the Business Associations of 4 Northwest provinces.

Hoa Binh’s State budget revenue estimated at 1.1 trillion VND in four months

(HBO) – Hoa Binh province’s State budget collection was estimated at 253.3 billion VND (10.79 million USD) in April, equivalent to 15% of the target assigned by the Resolution of the provincial People's Council, according to a report by the provincial People’s Committee.

Dong Lai commune expands off-season dragon fruit farming

(HBO) – Farmers in Dong Lai commune in Tan Lac district have successfully piloted and are expanding the model of off-season red flesh dragon fruit farming as it helps increase income and improve people’s living conditions.

Hoa Binh takes drastic measures to improve provincial competitiveness index

(HBO) – In the 2022 Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) announced by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in early April, Hoa Binh ranked 53rd out of the country's 63 provinces and cities with a total score of 62.81 points, up 9 places compared to 2021. This result reflected efforts of the whole political system in reforming administrative procedures and improving the local business investment environment.

Developing indusstry in a sustainable direction

(HBO) - Being a mountainous province with no border gate, seaport, railway... however, being adjacent to Hanoi capital, our province has been promoting the industrial development in a sustainable and efficient direction, which is environmentally friendly.

Exporting the agricultural product - spreading the wing

(HBO) - Despite experiencing 2 years coping with Covid-19 epidemics, some typical agricultural products of the province has still maintained the positions in the domestic market and they have strongly been reaching out to the world market. Since the beginning of the year, the organizations, the enterprises and the production households in the province have exported the agricultural products of high value to some new markets and the have received more orders. This is a good sign, predicting that the export market of the agricultural product will continue to break out.

Lac Son indigenous chicken breeding model proves effective

(HBO) – A disadvantaged household but thanks to an access to loans, Bui Van Hue's family in Dang 2 hamlet, Quyet Thang commune, Lac Son district started a model of hatching and breeding local chickens that brings about hundreds of millions of VND each year. In 2017, Hue encouraged several other households to form a livestock cooperative and supply chickens. Up to now, the cooperative has 10 members specialised in supplying commercial and breeding chickens to the market, contributing to increasing income and creating jobs for many local workers.

Mai Chau district taps into local advantages to develop craft industry

(HBO) – Mai Chau district of Hoa Binh province has defined developing the craft industry as a measure to promote the industrialisation and modernisation of agriculture and rural areas, creating jobs for local people, and contributing to its socio-economic development. Over the past years, the district has engaged all-level administrations, sectors, organisations, and individuals of all economic sectors in capitalising on local advantages to develop this industry.

Kim Boi district promotes collective economy

(HBO) – In order to recover economy and overcome difficulties and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, collective economic models in Kim Boi district in the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh have taken the initiative in optimising the State’s mechanism and policies to boost socio-economic development.

Hoa Binh focuses on promoting production, business

(HBO) - In the first months of 2023, industrial enterprises in Hoa Binh province have maintained production and business activities with good growth rates.

Hoa Binh agricultural products are reaching out to the “big sea”

(HBO) - In recent years, a number of key agricultural products of the province have been upgraded in terms of quality, design and product packaging to be present in most domestic markets and is confidently reaching out to the world. 

State budget revenue reaches nearly 776 billion VND in first quarter

(HBO) - According to the provincial Tax Department, in March, budget revenue in the province was estimated at 258 billion VND (11 million USD), bringing the total state budget collections in the first three months of the year to 775.7 billion VND, accounting for 15.8% of the amount assigned by the central government and 11.2% of the target set by the provincial People's Council.