(HBO) – In 2020, Hoa Binh province successfully organised all-level Party congresses to join the whole nation’s common efforts towards the 13th National Party Congress. This is an outstanding political event fully reflecting the resolve of the local Party organisation, administration, and people when entering a new development period: Continuing to enhance confidence and take firm steps forwards to achieve the targets set for the 2020 - 2025 period.


The 17th-tenure provincial Party Committee makes first public appearance at the 17th provincial Party Congress for the 2020 - 2025 period.

Resolve of whole political system

At a teleconference disseminating the Politburo’s Directive No 35-CT/TW on all-level Party congresses ahead of the 13th National Party Congress, the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee emphasised a firm resolve to thoroughly prepare for and successfully organise all-level Party congresses for the 2020 - 2025 tenure.

As of January 2020, the provincial Party organisation consisted of 13 subordinate organisations with 326 grassroots ones and 254 grassroots cells. As the re-organisation of district- and communal-level administrative units in Hoa Binh had just been completed – a historic move in the province’s administration building efforts in 2015-2020, a number of unprecedented challenges appeared in the preparation for Party congresses, especially in the newly-merged localities.

In Kim Boi district, under the National Assembly Standing Committee’s Resolution No 830/NQ-UBTVQH14, its 28 communal-level entities were re-organised, bringing the number of the communes and townships there down to 17. This means Kim Boi has the sharpest decline, 11 or 39.29 percent, in the number of communal-level administrative units.

This also put more pressure on the preparation for local Party congresses. However, with high political determination, the Kim Boi district Party Committee actively ordered localities, especially the merged communes, to work hard to hold Party congresses on schedule. As a result, all grassroots Party units had completed their congresses by mid-June last year, ahead of the deadline of June 30, 2020.

Across Hoa Binh province, all-level Party congresses took place not only on schedule but also with high quality, showing the whole political system’s resolve. By June 30, 100 percent of local grassroots Party units had organised congresses. Meanwhile, all the 13 Party organisations subordinate to the provincial Party Committee had finished congresses by August 7.

The Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee held that with thorough preparations in all aspects, the congresses met communications, security, COVID-19 prevention and control, and logistics requirements. In particular, they fulfilled their agenda. This was a favourable prerequisite for the successful organisation of the 17th provincial Party Congresses for the 2020-2025 tenure, thereby further consolidating people’s trust and giving more strength to the province’s Party organisation to begin a new development period.

Reinforcing confidence in new tenure

From October 1 - 3 last year, the 17th provincial Party Congress for the 2020 - 2025 tenure took place in the spirit of "Democracy – Solidarity – Reform – Creativity – Development”. It was attended by 347 delegates representing the more than 67,000 local Party members as well as the wisdom, political mettle, solidarity, and reform determination of Hoa Binh province’s Party organisation.

With the highest sense of responsibility, the congress elected 52 to the 17th-tenure provincial Party Committee. The election result demonstrated the Party organisation’s solidarity, sense of responsibility, and wisdom while showing the delegates’ trust in the new Party committee, which is expected to lead the province’s Party organisation, administration, and people to successfully carry out the congress’s resolution.

According to the organisation board of the provincial Party Committee, the Party organisations subordinate to the provincial committee successfully held congresses that elected new Party committees with sufficient quantity and guaranteed quality.

Besides the personnel work, all-level Party congresses also completed the particularly important political task of setting up development orientations and key targets for the new tenure, thereby strengthening people’s trust in the Party’s leadership.

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Ngo Van Tuan said the enhancement of people’s trust in the Party’s leadership continues to be a key task for the 2020 – 2025 period.

The 17-tenure provincial Party Committee pledges to stay united and exert every effort to join the Party organisation and people of ethnic groups in Hoa Binh to realise the congress’s resolution so that Hoa Binh’s economy will reach the national average by 2025, and the province will become a developed one and be among the leading localities in the northern midland and mountainous region, he added.

Determined to open up a new development period, the 17th provincial Party Congress called on the entire Party organisation, armed forces, and people in Hoa Binh to keep promoting solidarity, self-reliance and pride of the province and do their utmost to successfully implement the congress’s resolution.

The year 2020 ended with the success of all-level Party congresses and the intensified confidence in the Party and people, which have become a great source of strength for Hoa Binh to take firm steps forward in the new journey – one of confidence and aspiration under the clear-sighted leadership of the provincial Party organisation./.


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