(HBO) - A new spring is coming all over the country. The spring of innovation, the spring of efforts to overcome difficulties, new ways of doing things, the breakthrough thinking to build the future. From the city, the towns, the townships to the remote villages, the spring colors are bustling, the people's hearts are elated, the happiness spreads and warms in each family, towards a good and peaceful future.

Hoa Binh City is decorated to welcome the new year of the Tiger in 2022.

This spring has recognized the initial results of renewing thinking and the actions of the Party committees, the authorities at all levels and the People in implementing the resolutions of the Party congresses at all levels in the province. The Party Committee of Lac Son district has innovated in building the Party, rotating cadres, implementing the specific solutions to promote the investment by solving bottlenecks in site clearance, preparing clean land fund and side by side supporting the investors. The advantages of land in the lowlands, the advantage of the pristine and fresh landscape in the highlands and the specific actions of the district have convinced the strategic investors who are determined to deploy the projects. The land of Kim Boi has a charming natural landscape, and the rich village still retains a strong national cultural identity. Especially, there is a source of mineral springs like "the white gold” that is becoming exciting by a series of investment projects inside and outside the budget, and it is expected that in the near future there will be many resorts and eco-tourism products with high quality. Tan Lac district has long been known for restructuring crops, developing the temperate vegetables in the highland communes, now it is also being strongly moved by a series of low-rise investment projects in infrastructure, urban upgrading, tourism development in the core area of Hoa Binh lake area...

A peaceful and prosperous new spring with obvious changes in many remote villages and areas with difficult circustances. The spring colors is warm, the peaches have blossomed, calling spring to the highland villages of Van Son, Quyet Chien (Tan Lac), Cao Son, Trung Thanh (Da Bac). The elderly and children dressed in new traditional clothes of the nation cheerfully welcome spring in the colors of apricots, white plums in the hills of Hang Kia, Pa Co (Mai Chau)...

The potentials and advantages have been effectively exploiting, the appearance of the urban and rural areas and the people's lives have positively changed. The transport infrastructure and the welfare works have reached out to the remote and isolated areas, opening up the opportunities approaching the production development and the social security guidelines and policies. The province's key economic regions have strongly been moving in thinking and acting to make breakthroughs. Luong Son - the gateway of the province after many years of persistent efforts to complete two major tasks of urban development and new rural construction is focusing on implementing many solutions, mechanisms, policies, mobilizing resources to realize the goal of becoming a dynamic economic region, basically becoming a town by 2025. The new rural communes have also been focused on investing in the rural infrastructure, facilities and the model transformation of production meeting the advanced criteria of the new rural area. All are moving to enter the new spring with new times, the new impulses towards the goal of building Luong Son as an industrial and service city with the infrastructure foundation to develop an ecological, smart and green city, the eco-resort services synchronously connecte with the satellite towns of Hanoi City.

Hoa Binh city is making a breakthrough in planning to expand the development space with works bearing the mark of infrastructure, which are the bridges over Da river, the important traffic axes such as Chi Lang road connecting with the National Highway No. 6. Hoa Binh Streets and many horizontal and vertical roads have been put into operation, many important works and projects continue to be started when the new spring comes, aiming to become an urban area in the modern and civilized Capital region, and it is the gateway to the Northwest.

Lac Thuy district is entering the new spring when it has reached the goal of becoming a new rural district that is innovating thinking, the ways of doing, attracting investment in tourism and urban development, restructuring the agricultural sector towards the commodity production and development of the animal husbandry and forest economy to improve the people's quality of life.

Looking back at 2021 - the year of renewal with many solutions, the drastic and effective ways to implement the Resolution of the 17th Provincial Party Congress. The resolutions, the guidelines and the policies of the Party and State have been flexibly and creatively applied in accordance with th actual conditions, creating the dramatic changes in all areas of building Party and political system and developing the social economy. The knots that impede the growth have gradually been removed. The key tasks of planning, reforming administration, improving the business environment and site clearance have many positive movements. Many important works and projects have been put into operation such as the road connecting the National Highway 6 with Chi Lang Road, Road 435 to Hoa Binh Lake. The bridges across Da River have opened up the competitive advantages to develop the urban space, commerce, agriculture, and improved the people's livelihood. Many important projects and constructions are being started such as Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh highway, Hoa Binh - Moc Chau highway (Son La), the inner city roads, the regional links creating the positive effects attracting non-budgetary resource in investment.

With the development orientations and solutions to improve the investment environment of the province, many large investors have continued to pay attention to research and implement projects focusing on urban areas, the eco-tourism, the industrial tourism in many localities over the past time. They include Luong Son, Hoa Binh city, Lac Son, Kim Boi, Tan Lac..., which has been opening great opportunities for the province to take off in the coming years. Building Party and political system have been taken care of. The Party's leadership capacity is constantly improving, promoting the responsibility of setting an example of the heads of the Party committees, agencies, units and localities. Many problems arising from practice have been effectively solved, creating the consensus and the trust of the people in the Party committees and authorities at all levels.

Those are great efforts to wake up in the new spring with an elated love and belief in a good future. Entering the new spring of the Party and the nation, being proud of the achievements, with the desire for development, the Party Committee, the government and the people of all ethnic groups in the province continue to innovate their thinking and ways of doing things to solve difficulties and obstacles and unanimously successfully implement the goals of the Resolution of the 17th of Provincial Party Congress for the people's prosperous and peaceful life and for the development.

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