(HBO) – In the recent past, rural and mountainous areas in Hien Luong commune of Da Bac district in Hoa Binh province has gained a facelift while local tourism, lake farming, agriculture, and forestry have also been growing, which has helped improve local people’s living conditions. These outcomes are attributable to the commune's Party Organisation’s leadership over the implementation of the Party’s resolutions on socio-economic development.


 The Party Committee and administration of Hien Luong commune (Da Bac district) have been working to grasp the local socio-economic situation.

The Party Organisation of Hien Luong commune consists of 10 Party cells with 174 members. For the past many years, it has established its role in directing the implementation of measures for capitalising on local potential and advantages to improve people’s life.

Apart from disseminating and seriously carrying out the directives and resolutions issued by higher-level Party Committees, it has promoted the implementation of different programmes, including those on advanced new-style rural area building, poverty elimination, settlement of pressing problems, and economic development. It has also organised regular meetings and dialogues between Party Committee and administration leaders and local residents.

As a result, from a disadvantaged commune, Hien Luong has managed to identify its development orientations, boost connectivity in aquaculture, expand community-based tourism, restructure crop and animal farming, and develop auxiliary jobs for residents. In 2019, it was recognised as a new-style rural area and is working to meet advanced criteria. Meanwhile, aquaculture and community-based tourism have been thriving. Ke village has become a popular community-based tourist site among visitors. Many villages have moved to carry out crop restructuring, develop livestock farming, and facilitate aquaculture, which have become stable sources of income for local residents.

Per capita income currently stands at 38 million VND (over 1,600 USD) per year, and the household poverty rate has been brought down to 16.7 percent. In 2021, the commune built 13 roads to local villages, with the State providing funding for material purchase and people donating land and labour.

Nguyen Dang Giap, Secretary of the Hien Luong Party Committee, said in the time ahead, the commune’s Party Organisation will press on with making reforms, directing the implementation of socio-economic development tasks, mobilising resources for agricultural, aquaculture, and tourism development, preserving traditional cultural values of ethnic groups, and building new-style rural areas, thereby helping to further improve people’s life./.


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