(HBO) – Over the past several years, the Party Organisation of Tay Phong commune in Hoa Binh province's Cao Phong district has focused on Party building and developing a team of capable and qualified personnel that can be role models to gain trust from local residents and promote unity for the homeland’s development.

Tay Phong Party Committee deploys tasks for the last six months of 2022.

The commune has seen considerable progress in local Party Committee and administration's leadership and governance which now becomes more effective. It has also been given a facelift with cleaner and greener village roads and alleys and improved facilities at schools, medical stations, markets and houses that meet new-style rural standards.

The commune's Party Organisation has successfully fulfilled many key tasks. It has strived to step up agricultural restructuring with a shift to farming higher-yield crops and livestock, in tandem with new-style rural building. Growth has been recorded in the fields of agriculture, forestry, environment and production.

In addition to agriculture, the commune has also seen strong development of services, small-sized enterprises and petrol wholesalers to create more jobs for local residents.

Civil servants and citizens have actively donated land and services to construct roads, schools and cultural houses.

In the villages of Bam and Bang, surrounding areas have been cleaned up in an effort to build role-model residential quarters.

The communal Women's Union has encouraged its members to build a family of five "Nos” and three "clean”, clean up 10km of roads and 5km of drainage, and provide financial support for members to expand production.

The commune has also maintained various models for ensuring security, building civilized residential areas, protecting the environment and constructing strong political systems at grassroots.

Bui Van Ngoi, Secretary of the Tay Phong Party Committee, said in the first half of 2022, the commune has surpassed multiple goals, with improvements recorded in production and cultural affairs as well as people’s living standards.

It has also promoted Party building comprehensively through the implementation of the resolutions of the 13th National Party Congress and the plenums of the Party Central Committee./.





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