(HBO) - With the support of the Group of Community Digital Technology, Ms. Vo Thi Phuong from Lien Son village, Khoan Du commune (Lac Thuy) did not have much difficulty in completing the procedures for certifying the loan transaction contracts to develop the family economy through the online public service portal.

The dossier-receiving and result-delivering section in Lac Thuy district is highly appreciated by the people for the satisfaction index in receiving and handling administrative procedures. 

According to Mr. Bui Trung Dung, the officer as well as the leader of the Group of Community Digital Technology in Khoan Du Commune, Ms. Vo Thi Phuong is just one of many people who have been guided and helped to successfully perform the administrative trấnctions at level 3 on the public service portal. The statistics from the beginning of the year to March have shown that the commune has successfully performed over 200 administrative transactions on the public service portal when required, reaching 100%. 

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Tham, the Deputy Head of the Department of Culture & Information, the Deputy Head of the Steering Committee for Digital Transformation in Lac Thuy district says: Not only in Khoan Du, now 100% of the communes and the town in the whole district have focused on effectively implementing the digital transformation, building the e-government to serve the people. In order to bring the digital transformation to life, changing the perception and approach from the the traditional and direct administrative transactions to a new method of administrative transactions in the electronic and online, the district has directed to establish 113 groups of Community Digital Technology, including one group at the district level and 112 at the communal level. The groups are responsible for propagating, disseminating, guiding, supporting and helping the people so that they can install and use the applications of the information technology to perform administrative transactions in the electronic environment when they are in need. As a result, the initial steps have brought many remarkable results, especially in the transformation of the people's thinking about accessing and using online public services. 

Along with improving the effectiveness of propaganda, the district has focused on the investment resources, upgrading the basic information infrastructure system to meet the needs of IT application and use of the agencies and the appropriate authorities. 100% of the cadres, the civil servants and the public employees at district and commune levels have been equipped with computers; 100% of the computers have been connected, using local area network (LAN) and internet in work solving; 100% of the professional agencies, non-business units, People's Committees of the communes and the town have been using the digital signatures. The online meeting rooms of the district and commune have been invested and qualified to serve online meetings with the Provincial People's Committee and Central Government; 10 out of the 10 communes and the town have a general website; 100% of the communes and the town have been fully equipped with equipment for the dossier-receiving and result-delivering section. The shared software system of the province and district has been invested, putting into practice, which has brought about much efficiency in management, direction and administration. 

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Thoa, the Head of the District’s Home Affairs Department says: In order to improve the efficiency of management, direction and administration in the field of digital transformationb, building the e-government, the People's Committee of the district has issued 5 decisions, 7 plans on application of IT development, building the e-government, towards developing the digital government and ensuring the network information security so far. At the same time, in order to ensure the criteria for building and developing the e-government towards the digital government, digital transformation, district People's Committee has implemented the digitization of the results of solving the effective administrative procedures; deploying the monitoring software system for reflections and recommendations of the people; the system of the paperless meeting rooms… 

Along with that, based on the Decision No. 851/QD-UBND of the Provincial People's Committee on announcing the list of the administrative procedures to be accepted/not accepted at the Center for Public Administration; The dossier-receiving and result-delivering section at the district and commune levels in the province and Decision No. 888/QD-UBND of the Provincial People's Committee approving the list of public services at level 3 and 4 implemented in the province, the whole district has achieved 74.66% of the criteria of the administrative procedures, meeting the requirements of implementing the administrative procedures at levels 3 and 4 on the provincial public service portal with 277 administrative procedures (185 district-level procedures, 92 commune-level procedures). In 2022 and in the first 2 months of 2023, the whole district received and processed 10,388 out of 11,297 applications on the Public Service Portal at levels 3 and 4, reaching 91.95%. In which, the District’s dossier-receiving and result-delivering section received and processed 1,288/1,597 dossiers, reaching 80.65%; The dossier-receiving and result-delivering section of the communes and the towns received and processed 9,100/9,700 dossiers, reaching 93.81%. "The above results have made an important contribution to the administrative reform, digital transformation, building the e-government, improving the quality of service for the People in the district over the past time. The evaluating the satisfaction index by monitoring software reflects and recommends from the people when making transactions has reaced over 98%,” adds Mr. Nguyen Thanh Thoa, the Head of the District's Department of Home Affairs.

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