(HBO) – After three years of implementing the Resolution of the 29th communal Party Congress for the 2020-2025 tenure, the Party Organisation and administration of Dong Tam commune of Lac Thuy district have overcome difficulties and drastically performed all the set targets, resulting in the completion of 16 out of the 23 targets set in the Resolution.

The section of Ba Sao-Bai Dinh road running through Dong Tam commune, Lac Thuy district, is constructed with high quality, meeting the travelling demand of local residents.

Along with implementing various projects to boost socio-economic infrastructure development systems, the locality has mobilised the engagement of local people in building and upgrading rural roads, including the clearance of construction site for a 9.48km section of Ba Sao-Bai Dinh road, as well as in the implementation of projects in education, health care and culture areas.

The commune has developed a contingent of officials, while strengthening administrative disciplines, and defining the responsibility of leaders in managing and implementing tasks. The locality has been on the right track in transforming its economic structure, with agro-forestry-fishery sector accounting for 20%, handicraft-construction making up 29% and industry, tourism and other sector 51%.

The per capita income has reached 68.3 million VND per year, while the rate of poor households under new criteria has reduced to 5.92%. So far, the commune has had four provincial-level OCOP products. It has been recognised as an advanced new-style rural area, with two model residential areas and four model gardens.

Along with directing socio-economic development, the commune's Party Committee has concentrated on building the Party and political system, and stepped up the dissemination of the Party and State’s policies and laws across all fields, detecting and combating corruption, wastefulness and negative phenomena as well as signs of political and moral degradation, "self-evolution” and "self-transformation” among Party members and local officials.

Phan Tien Dat, Secretary of the Dong Tam Party Committee, said that the commune's Party Organisation has regularly evaluated limitations and difficulties in implementing tasks and targets set in the Resolution, thus giving solutions to make breakthrough progress in the last years of the tenure, and successfully complete the Resolution.

Particularly, the commune will continue to promote its advantages and potential as well as resources to boost comprehensive growth in all fields, while restructuring the agricultural sector in association with building model new-style rural areas, he said.

Meanwhile, the locality will effectively realise policies to encourage the growth of industry, handicraft and services, promote investment attraction, optimise all resources for socio-economic development, striving to build a politically strong and economically rich commune with cultural beauty and stable defence-security, said the official.

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