(HBO) – Chi Hoa Production Group, the place where then President Ho Chi Minh visited in 1958, is currently a revolutionary historical relic site in Doc Phan hamlet of Lam Son commune, Luong Son district. It has been renovated and upgraded to become a destination for educating revolutionary traditions and the spirit of solidarity to younger generations.


The site of President Ho Chi Minh’s visit to Chi Hoa Production Group has been renovated and upgraded.

In 1956, following the Party and State’s policy, 45 cadres from the South and some political prisoners at Chi Hoa Prison released by French colonialists came to Luong Son district to establish Group 1 and Chi Hoa Group to reclaim wild land and develop production. After that, Group 1 and Chi Hoa Group merged into a firm named the Southern Production Group, which was later renamed Cuu Long Production Group – the predecessor of the Cuu Long state-owned farm.

In 1958, Chi Hoa Production Group was bestowed with the third-class Labour Order by the Prime Minister in recognition of its achievements in agricultural production and livestock farming to contribute to the economic recovery and reconstruction of the North.

On October 19, 1958, during his trip to Hoa Binh, President Ho Chi Minh visited a division of soldiers from the South based in Luong Son and Chi Hoa Production Group. Resting under a big starfruit tree, he enquired after all people and encouraged them to press on with production activities and life quality improvement to practically help with the fight for national reunification.

The leader’s visit to Chi Hoa Production Group demonstrated his sentiment towards the compatriots and soldiers in the South, including the cadres and workers of the group and people in Luong Son. After the day of national reunification, many of them returned to their hometowns in the South.

The place where President Ho Chi Minh visited Chi Hoa Production Group is currently the area of the Hoa Binh Apiculture Company under the Vietnam National Apiculture joint Stock Company in Doc Phan hamlet of Lam Son commune. The starfruit tree under which he rested is still there at present, with a big stone placed next to it to commemorate the visit.

To preserve the revolutionary historical relic site, in 2019, the Hoa Binh provincial People’s Committee approved a project on renovating this place. The project was of importance as it met the aspiration of the Luong Son Party organisation, administration and people, as well as of those from the South coming to the North and currently living and working in the district. The site also holds great political, cultural, and social significance since it helps educate younger generations about the revolutionary traditions, the spirit of solidarity, and the strong will to move forwards of Luong Son district and Hoa Binh province at large.


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