The strict implementation of regulations in Party building has helped the Party Organisation of Yen Thuy district in Hoa Binh province affirm its comprehensive leadership role in realising political and socio-economic tasks in the locality, said Pham Van Luu, Deputy Secretary of the district Party Committee.

Photo: The document reception and result return division of the Yen Thuy People’s Committee has shown strong performance in serving local people and businesses.

The Party Organisation of Yen Thuy district has 16grassroots Party Organisations and 34 Party cells, with 5,607 Party members. The district's Party Committee has associated the implementation of the provincial Party Committee’s regulations on criteria to assess the quality of Party cell meetings into the political tasks of the district, while strengthening the monitoring over local Party organisations and Party cells and directing the settlement of difficulties at the grassroots levels.

Meetings of local Party cells have drawn at least 85% of Party members in residential areas and businesses, and above 95% in Party cells in public agencies and schools. The meetings have been organised in line with the instructions from the Party Committees at the higher levels, with carefully prepared contents.

The majority of meetings have seen the contributions of many ideas from members, ensuring the principle of democratic centralism and serious criticism and self-criticism. Participants at the meetings frankly evaluated the Party’s leadership in implementing the resolutions and conclusions of the Party cells, pointing out achievements, shortcoming as well as the causes and solutions for problems.

The evaluation of the quality of meetings of Party cells has been carried out before the classification of quality levels of Party cells every year.

The annual evaluation serves as the foundation for the Party Committees at higher levels to directly assess and classify the quality of Party cells each year.


In recent years, Yen Thuy has been among leading localities in the province in terms of administrative reform and business investment improvement. In 2023, the Party Organisation of Yen Thuy has focused on leading the implementation of political tasks. As a result, the district has seen clear progress in efficiency of meetings and dialogues with local residents and businesses. It has completed the design of planning and exceeded the State budget collection target. Meanwhile, the ideology of local officials and residents has been kept stable, while the living conditions of local people have been continuously improved.

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