The emulation block of social, occupational, and financial organisations in Hoa Binh province on December 13 held a conference to review emulation and reward work in 2023 and roll out tasks for 2024.


Representatives from the organisations at the conference.

The bloc has nine member units, namely the Hoa Binh province’s Union of provincial Science and Technology Associations, the Forest Protection and Development Fund, the Hoa Binh Cooperative Alliance, the Hoa Binh Bar Association, the Hoa Binh Investment and Development Fund, the Hoa Binh Arts and Literature Association, the Hoa Binh Oriental Medicine Association, the Hoa Binh Journalists' Association, and the Hoa Binh Business Association.

In 2023, the block has boosted patriotic emulation movements, completed assigned tasks, and made important contributions to the socio-economic development of the province. 

Notably, it promoted the 9th Technical Innovation Contest and the 19th Youth Creativity Contest with the number of entries reaching 129 and 33 solutions, respectively.

The Forest Protection and Development Fund organised two training courses on applying digital technology with smartphones and electronic devices and on implementing payment for forest environmental services for cadastral officers and commune-level firefighting officers.

The provincial Cooperative Alliance admitted 28 new members, bringing the total to 299. The provincial Bar Association provided legal advice for over 850 cases and mobile legal aid for over 50 others. The Oriental Medicine Association provided medical examination and treatment to nearly 320,000 people, and exploited and purchased over 1,200 tonnes of medicinal herbs of all kinds.

During the year, the provincial Journalists' Association organised many practical and effective activities including training courses and field trips.


Meanwhile, the provincial Business Association served as a bridge connecting businesses in the province, supporting local businesses for a better understanding of the Party, the State and the Government’s guidelines, policies, and laws. It also organised conferences, regularly listened to its members' feedback and proposed provincial leaders to remove difficulties for the business community.

Units in the block proposed 14 key tasks and solutions for its emulation activities in 2024.

At the conference, they proposed the provincial Emulation and Reward Council to present the Emulation Flag to the Forest Investment and Development Fund and award certificates of merit to three units, namely the Union of Science and Technology Associations, the Cooperative Alliance and the Literature and Arts Association. The Forest Protection and Development Fund was elected as head of the emulation block in 2024 and the Oriental Medicine Association the deputy head.


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