Hoa Binh city has directed the synchronous implementation of administrative reform, focusing on accelerating administrative reform serving people and organisations, building e-administration and digital administration towards developing Hoa Binh into a smart and modern city.

Model "people-friendly administration” model  in Hoa Binh city.

Dang Dinh Son, Chairman of the Phuong Lam Ward People’s Committee, affirmed that from the "people-friendly administration” model in the mass mobilisation work to serve people which has been carried out since 2021, administrative reform has been improved significantly, contributing to local socio-economic development.

The results of administrative reform have been regularly monitored and evaluated by the municipal authority, thus creating create a fundamental change in awareness and responsibility in implementing the administrative reform work of each agency, and among civil servants and public employees.

Most of the regulations and directives related to administrative reform have been fully implemented. The modern "one-stop shop" divisions at all levels have been operating effectively, creating strong changes in providing public services online for people and businesses.

The city has developed and launched the "people-friendly administration” and "one-stop shop” models in all 19 communes and wards while ensuring all documents are received and processed online via the public service portal.

Bui Quang Diep, Chairman of the Hoa Binh city People's Committee, said that in 2024, the city will continue to promote achieved results in the past year and direct relevant agencies and units to regularly review, promptly update and fully publicise administrative procedures on the city's website according to regulations while stepping up the implementation of online payments on the national public service portal.

In 2023, the total number of administrative procedures under the city's jurisdiction to be publicised according to regulations was 239 while 124 others were under the jurisdiction of wards and communes. The city has directed divisions, units, and People's Committees of wards and communes to review 40 administrative procedures as planned.

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