Over the last 94 years under the Party’s leadership, the Party organisation, administration, and people of Khoan Du commune (Lac Thuy district), where the first unit of the Communist Party of Vietnam in Hoa Binh province was established, have upheld their glorious revolutionary tradition and stayed united to strongly develop their hometown.

 The road system in Khoan Du commune of Lac Thuy district developed to meet people’s travel and goods transportation demand.

According to records, after the Communist Party of Vietnam was set up on February 3, 1930, under the Party’s leadership, the revolutionary movement spread nationwide. To develop revolutionary bases, the Thanh Khe - Trung Tru Party cell in then Gia Khanh district of Ninh Binh province assigned Hoang Tuong to work in Hoang Dong village, which is now Khoan Du commune. On December 1, 1930, the Hoang Dong Party unit under the Thanh Khe - Trung Tru Party cell was established, gathering five members – Vu Han, Vu So, Nen, Ngoc, and Hoang Tuong who also served as head of the unit. This was the first Party unit to come into being in Hoa Binh province.

Since then, the glorious revolutionary tradition established by the founding members of the first local Party unit has been maintained.

Over the past years, the Party organisation of Khoan Du has exerted efforts to realise the targets set in the resolution of the communal Party Congress for the 2020 - 2025 tenure, focusing on developing the economy, improving income, stabilising people’s life, and sustainably reducing poverty.

At present, the commune’s Party organisation consists of 10 subordinate Party cells with 245 members. It has focused on leading people in the capitalisation of local potential and advantages to boost socio-economic development.

In 2023, the production value in Khoan Du reached 268.25 billion VND (11 million USD), per capita income increased to 71.6 million VND, and the household poverty rate was brought down to 8.96%.

To build new-style rural areas, the commune has continued helping its residential areas meet higher criteria set for the 2022 - 2025 period. Four of the six local hamlets have been recognised as model residential areas so far, namely Hoang Dong, Lien Son, Lien Hong 1, and Roc Tru 1.

Local authorities have properly implemented the policies on preferential treatment for ethnic minority groups. Catholic followers, who account for more than 90% of Khoan Du’s population, and people of ethnic groups have seriously complied with the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies and laws, led a good secular and religious life, and also contributed to the building of a civilised lifestyle in their communities.

Bui Thanh Tong, Secretary of the communal Party Committee, said that to continue upholding the revolutionary tradition, under the Party’s leadership, the Party organisation of Khoan Du will sustain its comprehensive and effective leadership and direction over socio-economic development, defence - security safeguarding, and the political system building. It will improve the quality and effectiveness of communications, along with political and ideological education to raise officials, Party members, and people’s awareness.

In addition, administrative reforms, the administration and sectors’ management and governance performance, along with officials and civil servants’ capacity will be promoted. The Party organisation will also keep enhancing management activities and investment attraction in all fields to create momentum for socio-economic development, he added.


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