Over the past 94 years, through many hardships and challenges, Party members in Mai Chau district have showed utmost loyalty to the Party and worked hard to set good examples as what they swore while joining the Party.

Kha Phuc Dang (first, right) has actively contributed ideas to the Party cell of Nghe village, Van Mai commune of Mai Chau, to build a pure and strong Party cell.

Kha Thi Thanh, a 96-year-old resident of Nghe village, Van Mai commune, who has a 70-year Party membership, has always maintained her absolute belief to the Party and President Ho Chi Minh through ups and downs of her life, and set a good example for people around her.

According to Kha Phuc Dang, former Secretary of the Party Committee of Mai Chau district, Thanh is one of the first in Mai Chau to join the Party. During the anti-America war, she joined the people and army of Mai Chau to write glorious pages of a heroic land, he said, stressing that Thanh is a living witness and a shining example of revolutionary ethics for young generations to follow.

Dang is also a veteran revolutionary who joined the army when he was 18 and fought in many battlefields across the country. He became a member of the Party when he was 21. In any position and in both wartime and peace time, he has always completed all tasks excellently, becoming an example of diligence and lifelong dedication to the Party and the development of the homeland.

Dang recalled the memories of his Party admission ceremony, during which, under the Party and national flags, he made the oath of a Party member. "The feeling was sacred and proud. That oath followed me throughout my years in the military as well as in management positions and retirement," stated Dang.

Born in 1969, Kha Van Du, a Party member in Ghe village, is not only an exemplary police officer but also a typical Party member, and a pioneer in implementing the movement to transform the structure of crops and livestock, producing high economic efficiency.

Following Party members like Du, villagers have transformed more than 10 hectares of inefficient rice farms to crop and watermelon farms. As a result, the village now has only four poor households, while the per capita income increased to more than 34 million VND (1,379 USD) per year.

Ha Thi Vien, Secretary of the Party Committee of Van Mai commune, said that Thanh, Dang, and Du share the same thing, that is the keeping of their loyalty swear, the pioneering of a Party member, and the unchangeable belief for the Party and President Ho Chi Minh.

For members of the Party who have been through the hardest time of the nation, the utmost belief in the path chosen by the Party and President Ho Chi Minh is an invaluable asset and a great source of motivation for them to devote their whole life to the country and the people.

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