The Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Committee of Hoa Binh city organised its 21st congress for the 2024 - 2029 term on May 22-23, with 220 delegates representing people from all walks of life in the city.

Members of the Hoa Binh city Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee for the 2024 - 2029 term.

In the 2019 - 2024 term, the front has completed the set targets, with contents and methods of operation innovated continuously; supervision, social criticism, Party building receiving due attention; and democracy at the grassroots level promoted. Its position and role are increasingly affirmed, creating consensus in the society, contributing to the successful implementation of political tasks and socio-economic development of the city. During the term, the front has coordinated to support the construction and repair of 427 houses, worth over 11.6 billion VND (455,750 USD), held 408 meetings between voters and deputies to the National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels, and carried out 17 surveys and supervisions on arising problems.

For the next term, the congress set targets of organising great national solidarity festivals at 100% of the residential areas; effectively maintaining self-management models; mobilising support for the Fund for the Poor; building at least 30 great solidarity houses a year, and completing the elimination of makeshift and dilapidated houses by 2025.

With the spirit of "Solidarity, democracy, innovation and development", the congress called on all people to promote the tradition of solidarity and strive to boost labour and production emulation to build a rich, beautiful, and civilised Hoa Binh city.

Speaking at the event, Bui Tien Luc, head of the provincial Party Committee's Mass Mobilisation Commission, Chairman of the provincial VFF Committee, highly valued the performance of the city’s front in the past term. He asked the fronts at all levels to continue to innovate the contents and methods of gathering, consolidating and promoting the strength of the great national solidarity bloc; well perform their role of representing and protecting the people's legitimate rights and interests; and increase the effectiveness of supervision and social criticism, and selecting issues of concern to voters and people.

It is necessary to innovate the dissemination work to contribute to turning the city into a Type-II urban area, he added.

The congress elected 65 members of the Hoa Binh city VFF Committee for the 2024 - 2029 term, with Phan Thi Thuy Huyen, head of the city Party Committee's Mass Mobilisation Commission, becoming Chairwoman of the city’s VFF Committee for the 2024 - 2029 term. The congress negotiated to appoint 19 official delegates and two alternate ones to attend the provincial VFF Committee Congress.

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