(HBO) - Whitefish, which is also called cod in the Lake of Da River, is a special food. This is a very rare kind of fish, which only appears once a year in May or June. Therefore, this kind of fish is not much and only the gourmets are hunting.

Whitefish of Da River is sold in Nghia Phuong market (Hoa Binh city).

According to the fishermen on Hoa Binh Lake, whitefish are still fresh fish. This season, the fish are swimming in groups such as ditches, so fishing is difficult because when they feel a movement, they change the way, apart from themselves, when the water is quiet, they will again gather in groups for swimming. It must be experienced fishermen who can catch them. Each time they drop the net, they can get three or more kilograms of fish. This fish has a very strange body, their transparent body is white, fish eyes are like black sesame seeds, there is only 1 row of eschar before the anal fin. Their head is pointed with many teeth. In the early summer time - when the lake water color changes to the color of apricot flowers, they often swim upstream to lay eggs. Whitefish (Salangidae) is a family of Osmeriformes, closely related to mussel, found mainly in fresh and brackish water habitats in East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Siberia and Vietnam). Adult fish are considered to maintain neonatal status, retaining some of the characteristics of juveniles. Fish bones are mainly cartilage. Fish is used as food in dried fish or fried fish-ball. This fish cannot be raised, only live on the river so the price is quite expensive from 100,000 to 120,000 VND / kg but still "being hunted" by the housewife.

The whitefish can be cooked with a variety of dishes such as roast (marinated enough, wrapped with foil, fig leaves, Sung leaves or ginger leaves) dipping chili sauce or fish sauce, having delicious sweet taste and smelling (like squid). They fish can be fried with oil or cooking fat oil when marinated, the fish are so crunchy, tough, smelling, wrapped with grapefruit leaves, piper lolot to become a favorite food unignorably. On the hot summer days, it is also great to cook sour soup with the whitefish. The fish is not fishy, sweet, and cool with the good effect of heat dissipation. Whitefish dishes can be treated with many diseases such as reducing cholesterol, good for the heart vessels, regulating blood pressure, wise mind, refreshing. Whitefish cooked in sour soup with forest leaves is to dissipate the heat, detoxify and dispel fatigue, etc. whitefish are being sold very well in markets in Hoa Binh city and Hanoi.


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