(HBO) – Bich Tru village in Thai Thinh commune (Hoa Binh city) converges many favorable conditions of geographical location and charming natural scenery. This place still preserves the ethnic identity as origin. This is very favorable conditions to develop tourism when it is considered in the planning area development of Hoa Binh Lake National.

A view of Bich Tru village, Thai Thinh commune (in Hoa Binh city) from Hoa Binh Lake

Bich Tru village is believed to be the tourism gateway of Hoa Binh Lake. This village is close to the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant, especially about 3.5 km from the center of the commune by road and only about ten minutes by waterway from Bich Ha port.

The village has dozens of Muong ethnic households living. The cultural space and landscape are almost original, and the majority is traditional stilt houses. The village is also located in gentle slope and close to the blue riverbank. On the top of village, there are majestic mountains in which it exists some primitive forests, many hills of Aganonerion, forest tamarind trees and enchanted rose myrtle hills. Sitting in any houses, people can see the whole view of the vast reservoir area and blue sky as touching hand.

The local people mainly work in agriculture, forestry, fruit trees, husbandry, aquaculture and fishing on the lake. In spite of many difficulties, the people are very friendly and open. Bich Tru village has a long time to be a point of discovery and enjoying for those who love nature and seek out the relaxed feeling on the vast reservoir. Moreover, the village is a place for many visitors who want to enjoy the food and ethnic products such as Da river grilled fish, smoked ham, indigenous chicken with lime leaves and chilies, and forest honey. Location of Bich Tru village is both close to the city and connects to Ranh hamlet in order to go to Thang cave of Hoa Binh commune, which are potential cultural and spiritual tourism areas.

The city authority is planning to protect the landscape and environment, plan and construct infrastructures and views, develop some traditional crafts based on available materials, apply science and technology, develop cage fish farming as the value chain, organize gardening and plant specialized fruits trees serving for homestay tourism. In the future, the community tourism village - Bich Tru will connect all tourist sites in the city and actualize the planning development of the Hoa Binh Lake National Tourist Area.        


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