(HBO) - Hoa Binh Lake – an impossible-to-miss place, which is converging with natural beauty of water and clouds, charming scenery with many villages of bold cultural identity, friendly people, easy to close with many other tourist attractions. This place is hard to be ignored by visitors who want to enjoy, experience, especially in these summer days.

Hoa Binh Lake is a tourist attraction that attracts visitors to come and experience.

 Thung Nai is the ideal place for the tourists who want to enjoy the wild beauty and fresh water scenery of Hoa Binh Lake, etc. Thung Nai is located in the heart of the large Da River Lake, with rock islands or bushy jungles. Thung Nai is beautiful to the heart, the surface of the lake ripples early in the morning or the sunshine is covering the red water at the sunset.

In Thung Nai, there is not only beautiful landscapes but also many historical and cultural sites. You can go to Thac Bo floating market on the weekend to feel the life of people living near the lake area. Situated next to Thung Nai, the Temple of Thac Bo God - a spiritual destination cannot be missed when visiting, sightseeing, and walking around Hoa Binh Lake. Visiting Bo Temple - Thac Bo cave, visitors can learn about the culture, living activities, production, life of local people, enjoying the special taste of fish dishes of Da River, tasting the specialties of the mountain forests, such as steamed chicken with lemon leaves, local pork grilled with honey served on banana leaves, boiled bamboo shoots, steam rice, Tao Meo wine, steamed forest vegetables  with fish sauce, etc. These bring unforgetable impression after the discovery of Thac Bo Waterfall.

Another place is Dua Island, which is not far from Bo Temple. This is one of the most beautiful islands in Hoa Binh area. Besides Dua Island, tourists can choose the surrounding tourist destinations such as Coi Xay Gio Island, Xanh Island, Ngoc Island, etc. to be able to experience nature, culture, enjoying the food and specialities of the local host inviting, such as smoked fish, wild vegetables with fish sauce, grilled pork, etc., which are all clean and leave the unforgettable taste.

On the area of the lake, visitors can visit, stay in the community tourism villages, which are still wild and preserved with national identities such as Ngoi village, Ngoi Hoa commune; Ke village, Hien Luong commune; Da Bia village, Tien Phong commune, etc.


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