(HBO) Mai Chau district has a cool climate. In the early morning, the white mist covers the mountains and in the afternoon the cloud flies around the mountains, which makes the space poetic. The peaceful villages are looming on the mountainside. People stick together in the flickering light of fire, in the singing and dancing, the drunken yeast of the wine jar needs and the sincere feeling. Over the time, thus, Mai Chau valley has a special attraction for domestic and international tourists.

Tourists enjoy Mai Chau speciality. Photos were taken in Hich village, Mai Hich commune.

Recently, Mai Chau district recently has many solutions to attract tourists. Currently, it has 13 hamlets and community tourism villages with 103 community guesthouses.

In Mai Chau, each season has its own beauty. In March, Ban flowers are blooming whitely around the hills. In May and June the rice is gold dyed. In December, the peach and plum flowers are blooming, welcoming the spring. Tourists visiting and exploring Mai Chau will eat, stay and work together with the local people. Mai Chau community tourism aims to harmonize the indigenous people and the tourists. Homestay owners organize activities for the tourists to experience rice harvesting, plum harvesting, peach picking. The tourists can rent bicycles to travel around Mai Chau. From the town centre, visitors can cycle to Chieng Chau commune, visit Lac village. Not far away is Van village, passing the winding road, coming to Hich and Buoc villages. The villages are similar because of the living space and customs. Thai stilt houses are next to each other. The mothers and the sisters are under the floor, working actively at the weaving loom. In addition, there are many tourist attractions attracting tourists to explore such as the majestic beauty of Go Lao waterfall, poetic of Ba Khan lake, the mystic of Mo Luong and Hang caves. Going further, visitors can discover the customs and habits of Mong people in Hang Kia and Pa Co communes

Ms. Bui Thi Huong, from Cau Giay (Hanoi) shared: Every year I go to Mai Chau in summer and early spring. Arriving at Mai Chau, I feel relaxed and peaceful. Two years ago, I often stayed at Lac and Hich villages. This year, coming back to Mai Chau, I went to Pa Co to discover the natural landscapes, Mong customs and traditions ..

 With its own attraction, Mai Chau tourism becomes an important economic sector, contributing to changing the appearance of Mai Chau valley. In 2018, the district welcomed 332,000 visitors, including 132,500 international visitors, 199,500 domestic tourists. The total revenue from tourism reached 107,6 billion VND

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