(Hoa Binh Online) – Hoa Binh lake in the northern province of Hoa Binh is home to nearly 20 ethnic groups, which boast long-standing, rich and special cultures.

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Landscapes within and around the lake are beautiful with immense water, mountains, caves and temples. Values of historic legends of saints and ethnic identities from pre-historic era are still maintained and brought into play. 

There are 29 festivals in Muong ethnic group, 14 festivals in Thai group, 8 festivals in Mong group, 10 festivals in Dao group, and 14 ones in Tay group. 

At present, 38 festivals have been maintained, upheld and organised on a large scale. Additionally, ethnic people perform ancestor worship rituals to pray for peace and blessings for families and villages. 

Apart from offerings, sacred and legendary music and dances are performed throughout festivals, which attract visitors at home and abroad.

Tourists could enjoy fanciful scenery with stretching mountains, sparkling islets on lakes, meet friendly, hardworking and simple-hearted people. 

In order to travel to Hoa Binh lake tourist area, visitors could start off at the centre of Hoa Binh city, then move to Giang Mo village, Binh Thanh commune, Cao Phong district. 

Leaving Giang Mo, tourists continue to visit Can Cave on the right bank of Hoa Binh Lake, and Tien Phi Caveon the left bank. These are beautiful caves with attractive stalactite poles in various shapes. Sailing on boats, visitors will cruise the Hoa Binh Lake.

Opening in front of their eyes are a massive water area with hundreds of islands and archipelagoes. They will enjoy fresh, interesting and amazing moments thanks to the beautiful landscape of a new land, which is fanciful with spectacular mountains.

Visitors may stop at Bo Temple. Before the dam of the Hoa Binh hydropower plant was built, Bo temple was right in the centre of Thac Bo. Locals then moved the temple to a higher place to free the Hoa Binh Lakebasin for the work. As the Hoa Binh Lakewas completed, Thac Bo was reconstructed in the top of a hill in Thung Nai commune, Cao Phong district.

It is said that in 1431-1432, King Le Loi was on the way to Muong Le of Hoa Binh’s neighbouring province of Son La to fight enemy when he met obstacles in tough Thac Bo area and received support in food and boat by locals, including Dinh Thi Van, a Muong woman in Hao Trang commune and a Dao woman in Mo Ne village, Vay Nua commune.

When the two women passed away, King Le Loi honoured them and ordered the construction of worship altars for them.

The Bo Temple’s festival is on the seventh day of the first lunar month. The temple is home to 38 statues in different sizes, including two bronze ones.

Tourists may also visit Ret and Hoa Tien caves, Thac Goddess Temple, Co and Cau Templesas well as some villages of Muong or Dao people.

Continuing the trip, visitors will enter a sightseeing tour in surprising and unique landscapes of the locality. The natural landscapes seems to have magical power to make their soul relaxed without any dust of life, enabling them to enjoy miraculous gifts from the nature.

On top of nice things that are toughing to visitors is the hospitality and friendliness of locals. In any place in Hoa Binh, they feel warmth and happiness thanks to the friendly smiles and hand-shakings of local people in Hoa Binh.



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