(HBO) - With the advantages of nature and the cultural identity, Da Bac district has been identified as a key tourism development of the province. In the district there are a lot of communes located along the area of Hoa Binh lake, where there is pristine scenery, the air is fresh and there are many large and small islands, which is an opportunity for tourists to enjoy and relax when they come back to the cloudy nature of the coincident mountains and vast water.

Hoa Binh Tourism joint Stock Company has been focusing the investment on the project of Sung Island tourism area in Tien Phong commune (Da Bac).

Hoa Binh lake has been planned a national tourism area, in which the focus of development is in the area of Da Bac district. In addition, in the district there is Pu Canh primary forest, located in Dong Ruong commune - Doan Ket - Muong Chieng, which preserves many original vegetation with many kinds of forest products, precious timber and wild animals. Many areas are above 1,000 m altitude. The air in Bieu mountain, Lo Lan cave, Hien Luong bay is fresh, there are waterfalls flowing day and night non-stop, promising to be the destinations for travelers to explore and experience.

The land and mountains of Da Bac also contain attracting tangible and intangible cultural values and the cultural nuances of the Muong, Dao, Tay, Thai ethnic groups, forming a flavourful choir, and which is an opportunity for travelers to explore and experience.

In order to exploit the potential and develop tourism, Da Bac district has set up a Resolution on tourism development to 2030, putting it into the context that Hoa Binh lake is planned as a national tourist area. In particular, they have been identifying the exploitation of the potential of the beautiful nature with the magnificent mountains, old primeval forests and the unique traditional cultural values of the ethnic minorities to develop community tourism, which is an important content.

The district has established Da Bac joint Stock Community Tourism Company, helping to convert and improve the quality of community tourism service developing towards professionalism and efficiency when focusing on promoting and connecting guest markets. They have been building a brand for tourism products and services of Da Bac people, developing high-quality tourism in a sustainable way. Up to now, the district has formed the high-quality community tourism destinations, bring interesting experiences for visitors. They are in Ke village (Hien Luong commune) and Sung village (Cao Son commune), Da Bia hamlet, now it is Duc Phong village (Tien Phong commune). In particular, Da Bia village is one of the three national high-quality community tourism destinations that were voted and received the ASEAN Community Tourism Award in 2019.

Da Bac district has focused on organizing investment promotion and tourism development. In 2019, at the conference to promote investment in the field of tourism development, many businesses and investors were attracted to learn, register, and survey the investment projects with a capital of up to 2,000 billion VND.

The district has been cooperating with the functional branches to support and solve difficulties for the investors researching and implementing projects, creating a strong development of tourism and services. The tourism linkages have contributed to the growth of the tourism industry. The type of spiritual tourism, community tourism and ecotourism has initially operated effectively, welcoming thousands of turns of visitors each year. In 2019, the district has welcomed over 9,000 turns of visitors, including 4,000 turns ò international visitors and 86,000 turns of domestic visitors. The revenue from tourism has reached 20.5 billion VND, contributing to improving the lives of people, especially the communes in the lake area with tourist destinations.

In the first months of this year, before the development of Covid-19 epidemic, the tourism situation in the area has been quiet. In the first quarter, the district welcomed 21,500 turns of visitors, including 350 turns of international visitors and 21,150 turns of domestic visitors. The tourism revenue has reached 4.1 billion dongs. The district has been cooperating with the functional agencies to create the favourable conditions for businesses to invest in the construction of Sung Island in Tien Phong Commune so that it becomes a famous tourist destination within the area of Hoa Binh lake, to build Thac Bo temple on the lake bed, to build multi-day tours from Hoa Binh - Pu Canh - Song Da lake, supporting the villages and hamlets making tourism to continue investing, equipping facilities and improving the quality of tourism products to better serve the needs of domestic and foreign tourists.

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