(HBO) - Mai Chau district possessing the beautiful natural, dreaming, captivating scenery with the fresh climate, the unique ethnic culture creating attraction and attractiveness, has long been named in Vietnam's tourism map. The district has had specific solutions and jobs to exploit this unique potential and advantages, aiming to build Mai Chau as an attractive, friendly and safe destination for tourists.

Mai Chau HideAway tourism attraction which is close to Hoa Binh lake bed brings new experience to attract tourists.

For a long time, the beauty of the landscape and culture of Thai Mai ethnic people in Mai Chau has made travelers’ quiver. Looking down from the middle of Thung Khe pass, Mai Chau town is hidden in the beautiful white mist and thin clouds. Mai Chau valley town has been rated as one out of the ten tourism attractions giving visitors interesting experiences. It attracts visitors with not only the rustic beauty of the mountains and the fading beauty of female young girls, but also by the affectionate hearts of the people.

Mai Chau is a land of majestic mountains, the deep and mysterious primeval forests, the non-stop sound of streams all day and night originating from the old forests. There are typical upland products such as corn wine made with leaves, roasted aromatic fish, Noong Luong purple garlic, Pu Bin mustard, Shan Tuyet tea in Pa Co tea, the sticky corn in Thung Khe...

Mai Chau is a land of nature, poetry, and it is for exploration. The climate in Mai Chau is quite peaceful and pleasant. Summer passes by and fall arrives with the green rice fields, and then the ripe ones, which pull away to the foot of the village. The bedding stilt houses, the mountains, the clouds and the sky blend together, forming a unique beauty. In spring the peach and the white plum blossoms bloom in Hang Kia - Pa Co. In late autumn and early in the winter, there are yellow and white carpets of mustard along the primeval forest.

It is impossible to forget when walking and admiring the dreamy mountains and forests in the twilight smoke of the villages of Thai ethnic people to enjoy the true human love, and to immerse oneself in a passionate stall dance. In the district, there are still many great potential places for tourism development such as Sam Tem lake, Noong Luong, Hang Kia, Pa Co, the primeval forests, the old forests ... Mai Chau also stores a warehouse of rich folklore and culture with typical festivals such as: Rain-praying festival, Cha Chieng festival of Thai ethnic people; Cao Tao festival of Mong ethnic people. Dozens of years ago, Mai Chau district had its own mark on the tourism map. Currently there are 12 relics and landscapes, of which, 5 relics have beeb recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. They are Khoai cave (Xa Khoe commune), Chieu cave (Mai Chau town); Japanese cave, Lang cave, Mo Luong cave (Chieng Chau commune), which are also interesting tourism attractions.

Mr. Dang Mai Son, the Chairman of the People's Committee of Mai Chau District, said: The district has issued an action program to implement the Resolution of the Provincial Party Committee, trying to turn tourism into a key economic sector. The attention has been paid to attracting resources to invest in infrastructure, attracting businesses to invest in and develop the facilities and the tourism products. There are 15 projects invested in the field of tourism with a registered capital of 1,078 billion VND. In particular, some projects have been put into effective operation, contributing to creating a new attraction for tourism such as the Mai Chau Ecolodge ecotourism, the Sun ecotourism site, Mai Chau HideAway ..., contributing to bring the greater added value from tourism activities. The district has also focused on investing in tourism development in two communes of Hang Kia and Pa Co, supporting the people to develop homestay tourism, which initially brings about efficiency and creats an attractive nuance for Mai Chau tourism. The district has restored the traditional cultural festivals such as the Xen Muong Festival of Thai ethnic people, Gau Tao Festival of Mong ethnic people. They have also restored the traditional handicrafts and the beautiful cultural values of the people. They have propagandized and trained to raise the people's awareness about developing different types of community tourism. The regulations to preserve traditional cultural values for tourism development have been implemented. Currently, 85% of Thai and Muong ethnic groups still maintain their traditional stilt houses.

In recent years, tourism activities of the district have developed quite impressively. The service quality has been constantly improved, the number of the annual visitors increases by 3.23% in general, the number of the international visitors increases by 21.94% in particular. The average revenue of over 103 billion VND a year. The orientation of Tourism development of Mai Chau has clearly shaped with the specific solutions being implemented, aiming to "Make Mai Chau become an attractive, friendly and safe tourism destination”, to efficiently exploit the tourism resources, creating the sustainable economic restructure in the area.


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