(HBO) - Surrounded by hundreds of multi-year-old coconut trees, the eco-tourism area of Dua Island in Sung Trach hamlet, Vay Nua commune (Da Bac) has its own charming and attractive beauty. Dua Island has become one of the tourism attractions chosen by many tourists in their journey to discover the beauty of Hoa Binh lake area over the past 6 years.

Dua Island - a highlight of the eco-tourism withinn Hoa Binh lake area.

From Thac Bo Temple, it takes visitors about 15 minutes to travel by boat, enjoying the charming mountain of the lake area before setting foot on the island. An interesting point in Dua Island is the natural landscape cared for and created by the human’s hands with a lush orchard full of shade and flowers every year. This is the effort and enthusiasm for many years of the father and son of Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuy - the owner of the floating island.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hanh, Mr. Tuy's son says that the eco-tourism area of Dua Island used to be a deserted land with pebbles and rocks. Currently, in the area of Dua Island there are 12 stilt houses for accommodation, one hall meeting the needs of conferences and seminars with a capacity of about 350 people. With the determination to create a highlight for eco-tourism, the family has focused on investing in completing the infrastructure facilities with children's play spots, the soccer and volleyball fields and the tennis court. There are 6 cruise ships specializing in serving the needs of tourists to visit and go on sightseeing with the lake area of Da River.

The resort service at Dua Island is evaluated quite good by tourists. During the festive season, a large number of tourists visit and relax on the island. At weekends, there are days where the number of visitors is up to thousands of turns. In addition to the conditions of rest and relaxation, the majority of the guests are satisfied with the quality and price of food-sleep-relax service here. Especially, the food service on the island maintains an affordable price. In addition to the main dishes such as the chicken raised on the hill, the indigenous pork, the fish on Da River, buffalo meat with Lom leaves, the needs of the diverse food service needs of customers have also been met. On the other hand, the island owner has carried out the separate links with households in the supply stage, purchasing the food made by local people, ensuring that the food is fresh and delicious, and it is produced according to the popular methods.

Dua Island also attracts many pupils and students on the occasions of holidays and summer. According to Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hanh, many delegates and groups of young people often stay there whenever they have the opportunity to organize seminars and parties. There are many outdoor cultural activities on the island. If they want to make a campfire, have fun in groups, follow family or watch the traditional performances acted by the local people, visitors can choose many different venues, the large courtyards located between the stilt houses.

The ideal space and the service quality has increasingly been improved and diversified helping Dua Island to attract visitors. In order to better serve the experience needs of visitors, especially for the tourists staying on the island, the island owner has expanded the area of fruit trees such as oranges, pomelos, five-star fruit, mangos, persimmons, longans, lychees with a scale of tens of hectares. The owner has also planted about 200 additional coconut trees combined with eco-tourism for visitors to have more experience. On average, Dua Island welcomes about 300 turns of visitors each week, mainly families relaxing at weekends, business groups or visitors to Thac Bo Temple, Thac Bo Cave ... At the same time, this is also one of the models of the private economic households making eco-tourism effectively, contributing to highlight tourism in Hoa Binh lake area, which is being encouraged for investment and development.

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