(HBO) - The tourism area within Hoa Binh lake has the fresh climate, the diverse and attractive natural landscape and the unique ethnic cultural values associated with the visit to Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant. In recent years, the economic potentials and strengths of tourism in the lake area have been focused on putting into operation by the province. At the same time, the brand for tourism within the lake area has been step by step built up.

The area of Hoa Binh lake with the charming beauty has created a great attraction to visitors.

The province has focused on implementing the project to upgrade and invest the provincial road 435 running through Binh Thanh, Thung Nai (Cao Phong), Suoi Hoa (Tan Lac) communes, with a total investment of 756 billion VND. The main road of Sung Island in Tien Phong commune (Da Bac) with a total investment of 18 billion VND has been built. In addition, they have supported to renovate the places for the community activities, the routes to the villages, and the sightseeing spots. They have also supported to set up the performance art ethnic groups, and to equip the community tourism sites. Currently, there are over 200 ships, boats for passenger transportation and 107 accommodation establishments in the tourism area.

With the appropriate supporting mechanisms and policies, the work of attracting investment in tourism development has been prospective. In the tourism area there are 16 projects invested in services, culture and tourism licensed the investment certificates. Since 2017, 11 projects invested in tourism development with a total capital of about 3,200 billion VND have been attracted. The tourism has been diversified through the electronic information channels, television, books, newspapers, advertising, the promoting conferences, the international tourism festivals ...

Currently, the tourism area within Hoa Binh Lake is at least supported with 3 billion VND every year to invest in the community, the propaganda, the promotion, building the tourism products, training the human resources, protecting the environment ... Ms. Bui Thi Niem, the Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, says that this support has partly helped to implement solutions to build the tourism brand for Hoa Binh lake area. This is also the driving force to promote the socialization of tourism investment resources within the lake area.

The tourism with Hoa Binh Lake area has been making a breakthrough with the construction of a number of the typical tourism products. Notably, the spiritual tourism products of Bo Temple, Doi Co Temple, Thac Bo Cave are associated with the caves and the landscapes. The type of homestay in the lakeside villages such as Ke village in Hien Luong commune, Duc Phong hamlet in Tien Phong commune (Da Bac), Ngoi village in Suoi Hoa commune (Tan Lac) ... is also the choice of many tourists thanks to the conservation and preservation of the cultural beauty and identity in the community life.

In 2019, the tourism area within Hoa Binh Lake welcomed 550,000 turns of visitors, in which there were 26,000 turns of international visitors, accounting for about 17.7% of the total number of tourists in the province. The total revenue from tourism activities is about 160 billion VND, accounting for 7.7% of the total revenue from tourism activities of the whole province. In the eight months of 2020, in spite of being affected by Covid-19 epidemic, the tourism in the lake area is still an attractive address and destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Many ecotourism and community tourism sites attracting tourists have been in use. such as Mai Chau Hideaway, Ba Khan eco-tourism (Mai Chau), Sunlegend - Ecolodge Da Bac ... A tour of walking and cycling along the banks of Da River in the tourism area within Hoa Binh lake have also been opened. They have also built a weekend resort program, an experience program within Hoa Binh lake area in the direction of Hoa Binh city to Da Bac, focusing on the tourism products in Nanh Nghe commune.


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