(HBO) - Being preferred by nature with the majestic mountains and forests, the cool climate, many beautiful landscapes such as rock caves, tea hills, hot water ..., special and attractive cuisine, the culture the imbued with national identity, Quy Hoa commune (Lac Son) has been step by step turning the benefits and potentials into the development strengths, and it is expected to be an ideal tourism destination in Lac Son district in the future.

The hot springs in Doi hamlet, Quy Hoa commune (Lac Son) have great potential in developing resort tourism.

Quy Hoa commune is 24 km away from the district center, and nearly 100% of the people are ethnic minorities. Located in Cong Hoa (including Mien Doi, Tuan Dao, Quy Hoa communes), belonging to Thuong Tien Nature Reserve, it has high terrain, cool climate, and many hamlets are at an altitude of over 1,000 m above the sea level such as Thung 1, Thung 2, the old vast forest and the rich vegetation, which is considered a favorite spot for tourists, who love to explore. The road to the hamlet has also been concreted, and traveling is not as difficult as before. Mu cave in Cao village has impressive beauty with many brilliant, magical stalactites, conserved and preserved by the government and the local people. Ho Kha in Kha hamlet has an area of over 20 hectares, creating abundant aquatic resources with the cool space.

In particular, a lot of hot mineral water mines still flow day and night with temperature of 40 – 50 degrees in Doi hamlet, which is highly appreciated for quality, the potential economic development from exploiting and producing bottled water or tourism services for convalescence, healing or rehabilitation. Besides, this place is also a living community of the ethnic minorities, which is imbued with the cultural identity and many rustic and unique dishes. With these advantages, the commune has gradually exploited the available potentials of the locality, proposing the appropriate authorities, calling on investors to develop tourism and resort services, and promoting the local economic development.

Taking advantage of the strengths and the natural conditions, the commune has proposed and advised the authorities at all levels to build the infrastructure, and the plan to attract investment to develop tourism. At the same time, the people's awareness in preserving the cultural identity, the natural landscape, the precious hot mineral water has been raised, creating the favorable conditions to attract investors to exploit services from the local potential areas, creating more jobs, eradicating hunger - reducing poverty and improving people's lives.

A number of companies and businesses have raised the issue of exploiting and producing the bottled water, building a hot spring resort in Doi hamlet, a resort in Thung 1, Thung 2. However, the road to the Theu and Doi hamlet is still muddy and it is difficult to travel. If it is invested in improving the transport infrastructure, it will be less difficult for the people to travel. Hopefully, in the coming time, the commune will continue to be paid attention to investing and promoting its image in order to attract the construction of tourism and resort projects, creating more jobs for the local laborers, contributing to poverty reduction, increasing income and developing the local economy.


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