(HBO) - Hoa Binh is viewed as the cradle of Muong culture, offering tourists countless exciting experiences. Blessed with a favourable location, Hoa Binh has been favoured by many people as a destination for a short holiday with friends and families. Popular tourist sites in Hoa Binh

Thung Nai

One of the most favorite destinations in Hoa Binh is Thung Nai, renowned for fresh air and untouched magnificent natural landscape. It is a suitable place for a relaxing getaway in Hoa Binh.

Cảnh đẹp vô cùng thơ mộng ở Thung Nai - Hoà Bình

The beautiful corner in Thung Nai (Hoa Binh).

In Thung Nai, visitors can take a boat tour on Da River to enjoy the breathtaking nature here and make all your stress go away.

Cuu Thac Tu Son (Tu Son Nine Falls)

It is worth to mention the must-see Cuu Thac Tu Son, where nine waterfalls all together run down from the peak like strips of white silk. Admission fee is 50,000 VND per person. You are allowed swim under the waterfall or in an outdoor pool nearby in the site. A breath of fresh air, pristine nature and cool water will definitely give you a relaxing time.

Cửu thác Tú Sơn - dải lụa bạc giữa núi rừng (Ảnh: ST)Tu Son Nine Falls run down from the peak like strips of white silk.

Mai Chau Valley in Hoa Binh

Mai Chau is very popular among young travellers. It is an idyllic place with no tall buildings nor hustle and bustle streets. It is famous for picturesque flower and golden rice fields.

 A village in Mai Chau.Mai Chau has remained on the list of top tourist destinations in Hoa Binh, best known for its beautiful blossoms of various flowers. Visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms in October – December, while the valley is filled with plum and mountain ebony blossoms in March – April, looking like a wonderfully beautiful fairyland. In June, the entire valley is golden with rice ready for harvest.

Các địa điểm du lịch Hoà Bình

 Flower blossoms in Mai Chau.

 Visitors can enjoy their time in Mai Chau without worrying about where to stay. There are hotels and resorts offering the state-of-art facilities and services here. A large number of homestays and hostels are also available for those who go on a budget trip.

Thien Long Cave

Thien Long Cave is another must-visit place in Hoa Binh. Located in a complex of relics in Yen Thuy district, the cave consists of a main large cave and two small ones.

Động Thiên Long nhìn từ bên trong (Nguồn: sưu tầm)Thien Long Cave seen from inside.

Going deep into the cave, you will see countless stalactites in layers looking like stairs made of soft cloud while others falling down from the ceiling of the cave like a curtain. The breathtaking stalactites are believed to be formed millions of years ago.

Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant

In recent years, the Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant has been among the most favorite tourist destinations in Hoa Binh. When in the plant, you are able to see with your own eyes its great architecture and cannot help admiring the human capacity for developing such a magnificent work.

Thuỷ điện Hoà Bình Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant is a favourite place to visit for young travellers.

Built on the Da River in 1979 and inaugurated in 1994, it is Vietnam’s largest hydropower plant with an electricity output of nearly 10 billion kWh per year.

 Da Trang (White Stone) Pass

các điểm du lịch Hòa BìnhThe stunning beauty of Da Trang

Da Trang Pass is also known as Thung Khe Hoa Binh Pass. After being shown in a music video of singer Bao Anh, the location has become a favourite check-in location of youngsters. Once crossing the pass, one could not help but stop to enjoy its beauty.

What make Da Trang so special is all stone here are in white colour of fallen pieces of limestone like snow in the European sky. The stunning beauty of the pass has helped it attract a rising number of visitors.

Thang Thien Waterfall tourist site

The Thang Thien Waterfall tourist site is one of the popular tourist destinations of Hoa Binh in summer. Located in a primary forest, the waterfall is surrounded by green trees and fresh air as well as diverse fauna and flora system.

 Thác Thăng ThiênThang Thien Waterfall

Outdoor pools and water games as well as the beautiful waterfall have made the site attractive to tourists. Alongside, visitors to the site also have chances to enjoy the beauty of the forest and explore the culture and cuisine of local ethnic minority groups.

Thac Bo Cave

các điểm du lịch Hòa Bình Entrance to Thac Bo Cave

 Thac Bo Cave in Thung Nai is a masterpiece of the nature in Hoa Binh. Its amazing beauty makes it look like Thien Duong Cave in Quang Binh province. The sparkling limestone stalactites in different shapes inside the cave are highlights of the cave.

From the entrance of the cave throughout its inside spaces, visitors will be impressed by different shapes of stalactites. Besides, the cave is also a spiritual site with worship altars of Uncle Ho and Buddhist. Cool weather inside the cave also gives pleasure to visitors.

Lung Van

Lung Van is considered as the roof of Muong area with a height of 1,200m above the sea level. As it is covered by floating white cloud, it is also called Thung May (cloud valley).  Visitors to Lung May will have a chance to explore the Muong ethnic minority group’s cultural identity. The stilt houses lying on hills and terraced fields have made the site peaceful picture of the nature.

 các điểm du lịch Hòa BìnhPeaceful atmosphere in Lung Van

 Kim Boi hot spring

Mentioning Hoa Binh, tourists immediately think about Kim Boi hot springs. This is a popular tourist site, especially for medical tourism. Being the largest hot spring area of Vietnam, the natural mineral water in Kim Boi is good for patients suffering problems with bone, stomach and gut.

các điểm du lịch Hòa BìnhHot springs in Kim Boi

Along with its medical effects, Kim Boi is also attractive for untouched natural landscapes and fresh air, which is ideal for weekend vacations.



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