(HBO) - The Party organisation and people of the upland district of Da Bac in Hoa Binh province are embarking on the implementation of the Resolution of the 25th Congress of the district's Party organisation and renewing the way of thinking and working style, with a focus on developing agriculture, fishery, and husbandry in areas with favourable conditions.

Besides, the district has also paid attention to developing Hoa Binh lake's tourism associated with preserving the cultural values of ethnic minority groups and improve living conditions of local people.

Hien Luong commune focuses on developing community-based tourism in association with new-style rural area development.

To remove difficulties for Da Bac, the State has also implemented many socio-economic development programmes and projects in the Hoa Binh lake area, including supporting production development; farming, hunger eradication and poverty reduction. The locality has also upgraded traffic infrastructure and many other works include schools, communal centers, boat stations, floating markets have been built.

The district has made a breakthrough in many fields. Local cadres have actively improved their qualifications and political awareness to meet work requirements. Local people are now getting familiar with using bank loans to invest in production and livestock breading. The district has paid great attention to socio-economic infrastructure to better serve the needs of production development and improve people's livelihoods.

Potential and advantages of agriculture, fisheries and tourism have been waken. Many hamlets and villages in the lake area such as Xom Ke (Hien Luong commune), Duc Phong hamlet (Tien Phong commune), and Sung hamlet (Cao Son commune) have made their mark on the tourist map, becoming tourist destinations and attracting lots of domestic and foreign visitors. In the lake area, people have come up with many models of developing aquatic resources and helped improve their livelihood.

Bui Van Luyen, Secretary of the Da Bac District Party Committee, said despite difficulties, the district also has opportunities to create breakthroughs. Local authorities have planned the Hoa Binh lake area to turn it into a key tourist destination of the province. As many projects are being rolled out and infrastructure upgraded, Da Bac is tapping its potential.

The district is set to mobilise resources for the development of agriculture and fisheries, focusing on the development of large-scale husbandry; tourism development of Hoa Binh lake is associated with the preservation of ethnic cultural values. The district is coordinating with relevant agencies and Hoa Binh city's administration to complete the planning of Da Bac town, step up planning management, and promote administrative reforms to support people and businesses./.

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