(HBO) - In summer, the community tourism in Pa Co commune, Mai Chau highland district not only attracts visitors by its wild beauty and cool climate. The destinations are promoting the natural resources and cultural identities, many new experience products have been putting into operation attracting tourists, especially for groups of households and young people.

Camping in combination with cloud hunting on Pa Co mountain (Mai Chau) is a new experience product, attracting young people.

There is nothing more interesting than the feeling of catching the dawn in a far-away place. There are quite a lot of groups of young people from Hanoi coming there, traveling 130 km, it takes more than 3 hours to experience the beautiful day in the village. In addition to resting services, staying at homestays, picnic travel in the mountains are the trends that tourists are interested in. Mr. Phang A Pao, a household doing community tourism in Pa Co hamlet, says: In the last 2 years, the homestay households here have started to supply this product according to demand. The activity attracts the participation of young people in a 2-day 1-night picnic journey to discover and check-in at a mountain with a very strange name "Can't die”. Accordingly, often at weekends, visitors stay overnight on the mountain. They not only sleep in the tents made of colorful umbrellas, the visitors also participate in campfire activities, exchange Xoe dance, roast chicken or ducks or organize folk games themselves. It is also the cloud hunting spot, so at sunset or early in the morning, when waking up, visitors will be able to witness and freely check in with the magical sea of clouds of Pa Co seen from the mountain, seeing the top of Pu Luong, Pha Luong and the lake bed of Da river with their own eyes.

This season, the plum and peach trees planted throughout the hillsides and valleys in Pa Co commune have reached maturity. This is also one of the experience products that tourists love. Ms. Duong Kim Sinh, a tourist from Hanoi shares: The visit and travel experience in Mong village gives my family members a bond, the memorable moments when we can experience the harvest and enjoy the taste of the ripe peaches and plums at the garden. In addition, we are able to participate in other relaxing activities, such as hand-picking and processing Shan Tuyet tea in a handmade way, visiting the craft villages, practicing beeswax painting, making Giang paper...

To have a fuller experience about the culture and daily life of the indigenous people, remember to visit Mong Space - a unique and new destination on the journey to discover community tourism in Pa Co. Through the reproduction of the cultural space, including housing architecture, the efforts preserving the customs and the values of the tangible and intangible culture, the owner of Mong Space, Ms. Sung Y Do wants to introduce and promote the overall picture of the the traditional culture of the Mong people to domestic and international tourists. Coming to Mong Space, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the practical craft of linen weaving, indigo dyeing, beeswax painting, Giang paper making, and relaxing services with the traditional methods, such as bathing, foot bath with traditional herbal medicine of Mong ethnic people.

According to Mr. Sung A Mang, the Secretary of the Communal Party Committee, in the past 5 years, the households in Cha Day and Pa Co hamlets have chosen the direction of doing community tourism, they have boldly changed the mode of economic development, contributing to preserving and promoting the cultural beauty of the Mong people at the same time. After the impact of Covid-19 pandemics, the local tourism has strongly recovered, becoming one of the bustling destinations for visitors to experience, especially at weekends. Some community motels in the area are always full of guests booking services, such as: A Pao Homestay, Y Sao Homestay... The households doing tourism have also actively renewed the products and services to meet the needs, the trends. Typically, it is a type of outdoor tourism product, hunting clouds, collecting plums, experiencing the cultural space at Mong Space...

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