Over the past time, Da Bac has deployed measures to lure more domestic and foreign visitors to the locality, aiming to turn tourism into the district’s economic spearhead.

Da Bac’s tourism flourished in 2023 following the COVID-19 pandemic. The district recorded 30 accommodation establishments, including 18 homestays, 11 motels, and one two-star hotel, which hosted over 170,000 visitors last year. Tourism revenue was estimated at 80 billion VND (3.2 million USD).

Luong Van Thi, chairman of the district People’s Committee said over the past year, the district has implemented many tourism promotion programmes. In 2023, the district successfully organised a cultural and sports festival in Hien Luong commune with many unique activities, attracting more than 1,000 visitors. In addition, the district coordinated with the media to promote images of nature, people and cultural features imbued with national identity of Da Bac to domestic and international friends.

Besides, the district conducted a survey of potential tourism spots in the Hoa Binh lake national tourist area and developed tours and tourist routes; participated in the 2023 Expanded Northwest Provinces Community Tourism Village Festival in Mai Chau district, he said.

The chairman emphasised that the district has opened training classes to help improve tourism human resources. However, the district’s tourism development still faces challenges such as incomplete infrastructure, monotonous tourism products and under-qualified human resources in the industry, among others, which have hindered the locality’s tourism growth.

The chairman said in 2024, the district will continue to actively participate in tourism promotion programmes and events held by the provincial People's Committee and functional sectors.

He also asked the provincial authorities to support the district with capital from national target programmes, official development assistance capital and other sources to invest in transport, power infrastructure and tourism products while creating favourable conditions for potential businesses and investors to invest in tourism development projects in the locality.

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