Currently, the tourism products of Yen Thuy district are mainly the festival and spiritual tourism. In addition to ensuring a civilized lifestyle in the religious activities, the party committees and the local authorities at all levels always focus on preserving the value of historical, cultural relics and festivals associated with exploiting tourism strengths.

The folk games are held within the framework of Ram communal house festival in Lac Thinh commune (Yen Thuy), bringing a cheerful atmosphere, attracting the participation of the people and tourists.

For a long time, Ram communal house and the traditional cultural beauty of Tet Com De in Lac Thinh commune have become the attractive "specialties” for the people and tourists. Every year, on October 25 - 26 of the lunar calendar, Muong people here jubilantly organize the festival in the sacred space of Ram communal house. Many people come to attend, even though those who live far away also come back to reunite and welcome the ceremony of the communual house. There is a custom of inviting visitors home to celebrate Tet. Besides the ceremony, Ram Communal Festival and Tet Com De Festival also attract visitors. On these days, the commune organizes cultural exchanges and culinary competitions, volleyball competitions and many activities to preserve the beautiful customs and healthy folk games such as tug of war, stilt walking...

According to the statistics, there are 3 national-level relics and 9 provincial-level relics in Yen Thuy district. The relic sites have been invested, restored and embellished to meet the cultural and spiritual needs of the people, serving tourism development. Along with that, the festivals associated with the historical - cultural relics of communal houses and pagodas have been restored and maintained. They are Hang Pagoda - Hang Chua festival, Thuong communal house, Trung communal house in Yen Tri commune; Phu Ve communal house in Doan Ket commune, Xam communal house in Phu Lai commune... In order to promote the value of the relic, the district pays attention to directing and guiding the preparation and organization so that the festivals are organized in accordance with the thoughtfulness, thoroughnes and traditional cultural etiquette. In particular, the ceremony includes the rituals such as the parade, the palanquin procession, flower offering, incense offering and offerings, which are solemnly held, carrying the meaning of propaganda and education of the patriotic traditions and deep gratitude to the ancestors.

In order for the visitors to experience and better understand the cultural beauty associated with the relics, the festivals focus on organizing vibrant and colorful festival activities through the cultural programs, sports, and games. folk... In Giap Thin Spring Festival of 2024, Chua Cave Festival - Hang Pagoda, Thuong communal house, Trung communal house in Yen Tri commune took place for 3 nights of cultural exchange; men's and women's volleyball; men's soccer; open crossbow shooting tournament; food festival in Long hamlet; displaying and introducing OCOP products. Within the framework of Xam communal house festival in Phu Lai commune, they organized 3 volleyball events, including steam volleyball, 2 men's and women's leather volleyball events; crossbow shooting, tug of war and stick pushing, the cultural exchange program. In Lieu communal house festival in Ngoc Luong commune, they organized an exchange of 2 men's and women's steam volleyball events; 2 cultural exchange programs. In Phu Ve communal house festival in Doan Ket commune, they organized 2 men's and women's volleyball events; 2 cultural exchange programs…

Mr. Tran Trung Kien, the Head of the Culture and Information Department of Yen Thuy district, says: To better exploit the tangible and intangible cultural values, the propaganda work on festival and spiritual tourism destinations has been strengthened by the district. At the relic sites, QR codes are digitized and scanned to serve the research needs of the people and tourists from all over. The management and organization of the festivals is appropriate to each monument, strictly according to the regulations, which is safe, economical and it ensures the good customs and traditions. The festival organizers proactively develop thye plans to ensure security and order, prevent fire and explosion, propagate and mobilize the people to collect and store trash in the right places, and participate in the environmental protection... Thereby, it has been contributing to building and promoting the image of an attractive cultural and spiritual tourism destination to tourists; Promoting the community participation in organizing and managing the monuments and festival activities.

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