April 30th and May 1st with 5 days off is the ideal time for families to choose the relaxing destinations and find a peaceful place. Thanks to the advantage of convenient transportation, mountainous terrain with wild beauty, cool climate, the resorts and health care areas in Hoa Binh province attract tourists on this occasion.

Kim Boi Serena Resort in Sao Bay commune (Kim Boi) is loved by tourists thanks to its fresh natural landscape and the products and services of high-quality health care resorts.

Kim Boi - a famous landmark associated with the name "golden cup” land, has well prepared the technical facilities, products and services to bring visitors a memorable vacation. Kim Boi Serena Resort on Boi river in Sao Bay commune, An Lac Ecofarm Hot and Springs tourism area or Nursing Center for Meritorious People in Vinh Dong commune... are the destinations sought by many tourists.

Mr. Pham Duc Ha (Kien Hung ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi city) says: I planned to travel and booked a room for the whole family at Kim Boi Serena Resort 2 months ago. The reason why my family chose this resort is because of the short travel time, the fresh natural scenery and space rich in Muong culture. My parents are old, so on this occasion we want to give them, as well as reward ourselves with a trip combined with a hot mineral bath to restore health helping improve physical health, brightening the spirit and forgetting stress and tiredness.

Not only do the eco-tourism areas that provide diverse products attracting tourists, the activities at Kim Boi mineral spring tourism at the Meritorious Service Nursing Center also enter the peak season of welcoming visitors. Visitors come mainly in groups or groups of friends and families. Besides the large number of tourists visiting and traveling during the day, some guests need to book a room to stay for 1-2 nights. On this occasion, the destinations in the district are "running” the experience programs to meet the entertainment needs of tourists during the day.

In the province, there is also Mai Chau tourism area with many resorts and eco-resorts hidden in nature, interspersed with the community tourism villages that attract domestic and international tourists. In particular, Avana Retreat Mai Chau resort - Bao La commune is one of the hottest resorts in the North; Mai Chau Ecolodge resort - Na Phon commune, Lodge - Mai Chau town, Mai Chau Hideaway - Son Thuy commune... The eco-resort destinations are quite convenient for tourists to combine traveling and explore Lac village, Pom Coong village, Van village. Some resorts also offer tourists tours to explore cloud hunting spots and learn about the cultural identity of Mong community in Hang Kia and Pa Co communes.

Thanks to the majestic mountain and forest beauty and poetic lake bed, the destinations within the tourism area on Hoa Binh Lake such as Maida Logde, Xoan Retreat, Mo Village in Tien Phong commune, Vayang in Vay Nua commune (Da Bac).. are visited by quite a lot of tourists. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, a tourist from Yen Phong district (Bac Giang) excitedly said: the cool lake view and spacious space made my soul feel "healed”. I am also extremely impressed and have more positive energy through a journey of experience, exploring the activities such as cycling, kayaking, sleeping in community stilt houses, and enjoying authentic Northwest cuisine...

According to Mr. Bui Xuan Truong, the Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, eco-resorts in the search of nature are a prominent trend that is given priority when traveling on weekends or long-day holidays. Hoa Binh tourism destination with the type of resort, health care, combining the exploitation of community tourism products, sports tourism, and entertainment is of great attraction, meeting the needs of the majority of tourists. Currently, most of the tourism resorts and resort destinations in the province are "sold out” of accommodation rooms for April 30 - May 1 and they have switched to the summer tourism stimulus program. A few destinations thanks to ensuring the flexible conditions for opening to welcome visitors with check-in experience packages, culinary enjoyment, mineral bathing services, spa... It is estimated that the total number of visitors to Hoa Binh tourism during the 5-day holiday increases by 1.2 - 1.5 times compared to that of the same period in 2023 during the exciting holiday.

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