(HBO) - Tan Lac District is well- known as the ancient land of Muong Bi, "the cradle” of the famous Hoa Binh culture. The land is rich in ethnic cultural identities, natural tourism resources and diverse human resources, which create highlighted spot to attract tourists near and far to visit the ancient land and bring a new look for the district tourism.

The district has built up a Project of Tourism Development, promulgated the Resolution on developing the district tourism until 2010, with a vision up to 2030. All the tourist attractions and areas will be planned generally and specifically associated with the tourism planning of the province and the country.

At the district area, there are many beautiful landscapes, such as Muong Chieng Cave, Thac Bo Cave, Hoa Tien Cave, Trang Waterfall, Kien mountain Cave, Ngoi Hoa Port, Ngoc Son – Ngu Luong Natural Preservation Area, etc. The ethnic hamlets still keep traditional culture such as the ancient Muong village of Ai village (Phong Phu commune), Cu village (Tu Ne commune), Ngoi village (Ngoi Hoa), etc. A lot of festivals being organized have attracted thousands of participants like: Muong Bi Festival of summer coming (Phong Phu commune), Ke Pagoda Festival (Phu Vinh commune, traditional festival of stream fishing in March (Lo Son commune), etc. All of these have become the unique and attractive tourism products which are being invested and exploited in order to promote the effectiveness of tourism values and potential.  There is an investigation in building the main and typical tourism products, which are community – based tourism, homestay to understand the culture of ethnic villages, resorts and spiritual – cultural tourism. 

Trang Waterfall - Do Nhan commune (Tan Lac) is a tourist destination to attract tourists.

The district has created the most favorable conditions to attract the potential investors to survey, research and invest in the district tourism. Many projects in large scales have been implemented in the process of surveying and researching to build up projects, such as 2 projects of developing resort tourism associated with forest protection in Phu Cuong commune, 3 projects of high quality resorts in Ngoi Hoa commune.
In addition, the district has paid attention to build and expand the local tourism products, select the traditional industries for preserving and creating products to promote tourism. The outstanding traditional craft village of Vong Ngan Cooperative in Com village –Dong Lai commune with its brocading products of Muong ethnic minority has created its own brand, contributing to preserve traditional craft and promote the ancient tourism.
Together with concentrating on mobilizing resources for investment in tourism infrastructure, Tan Lac district also aims to develop the local cultural values through people performances at all levels, create the exchange environment for tourists when attending community- based tourism. It also restores all traditional festivals to create the typical tourism products, preserves and renovate hamlets, villages in order to keep the tradition features of Muong culture. Moreover, the district promotes the propaganda, introduction, advertisement about the potentials, strengths of tourist destinations in the district area, gradually make tourism of the ancient land become familiar to visitors. Since then, it can promote tourism development to commensurate with the potential, contributing to the economic restructure, job creation and poverty reduction. It can bring high effectiveness from non-smoke industry and contribute positively to develop the district economy and society. In 2017, in the whole district, there were 94,700 visitors, which gained the revenue of more than 10,9 billion dongs, the total revenue reached over 19 billion dongs.

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