The Hoa Binh lake tourism area has strengths to attract visitors, particularly those who are interested in resort tourism and community-based tourism.

Ba Khan village resort in Son Thuy commune, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province.

 Tourists learn about the daily activities of people in the Da Bia community-based tourism area in Tien Phong commune, Da Bac district.

Maida Lodge is a destination that has effectively adopted eco-resort tourism products. Located in the Hoa Binh lake area, the destination is liked thanks to the surrounding harmonised landscape of the lake, limestone mountains and vast bamboo forests. It also provides high-quality resort services, particularly a transport combo of shuttle buses and sightseeing boats, family rooms, and culinary services at its restaurant which offers various local specialities.

Meanwhile, community-based tourism products in the Hoa Binh lake tourism area provide visitors with great experiences and knowledge about the land, culture and local people.

Well-known community-based tourism destinations include the Da Bia and Mo Hem villages in Tien Phong commune, Sung village in Cao Son commune, Ke village in Hien Luong commune, Ngoi village in Suoi Hoa commune and Mo village in Binh Thanh commune.


Community-based tourism in the Hoa Binh lake tourism area offers visitors opportunities to stay at traditional houses, visit craft villages, learn about local customs and traditions, and participate in daily activities such as fishing, growing vegetables, harvesting rice, weaving baskets, or making cakes. Water sports activities like sailing, rafting, and kayaking are also available. Some localities also organise traditional festivals to offer visitors more experiences.

Bui Xuan Truong, Deputy Director of the province’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that resort tourism and community-based tourism are typical and attractive tourism products in the Hoa Binh lake tourism area. With the advantages of climate, terrain, and landscape, the tourism area brings unique and new experiences to visitors, thus contributing to boosting the province’s tourism and socio-economic development. 

Besides existing resorts like Mai Chau Hideaway, Ba Khan Village Resort in Mai Chau district; Xoan Retreat, Maida Lodge, Vayang, and Mo Village in Da Bac district, more resorts are being constructed.

The presence of several 4-5-star resorts with many services such as yachts, kitesurfing, paragliding, windsurfing, water park, commercial centres, outdoor swimming pools, sports areas, restaurants, and spas contribute to attracting customers to the Hoa Binh lake area.

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