(HBO) - With the advantage of the fast speed, the global scope and at the same time it can implement many promotional activities, introduce products with low cost, e-commerce applications supporting and expanding the consumption market/ distribution of products/services is becoming an inevitable business trend in the current integration context. Stemming from that fact, the Department of Industry and Trade has coordinated to build the project of e-commerce trading floor to promote e-commerce application to build the province's value chains. The e-commerrce floor has officially opened and been into operation at the opening ceremony of the Northern Industry and Trade Fair - Hoa Binh in 2022 at the address: hoabinhtrade.gov.vn.

Customers are accessing an e-commerce trading floor to learn about the product information with their smartphones.

Mr. Tran Trung Hieu, the Head of Trade Management Office, the Department of Industry and Trade says: E-commerce trading floor is an important solution to promote Hoa Binh's products and services to domestic and international customers in the digital environment. In particular, we have strongly focused on building e-commerce solutions to serve the distribution of products and services of the enterprises/business households in the province to the consumers nationwide on a digital platform. Connecting and establishing the trade rules/processes between the production units/farms..., helping to manage the product and service information. At the same time, integrating solutions for traceability and origin can help customers to easily trace the origin of products. Integrating the payment and logistics solutions help the businesses maximize the product distribution with the lowest operating costs. Establishing the state management regulations can support the businesses/business households to easily connect with domestic and international businesses, connecting the systems can support the administrative procedures on tariffs, customs and transportation, making the import and export of goods between the two parties simple, and the guarantee is to be confirmed.

The provincial e-commerce trading floor chaired and operated by the Department of Industry and Trade provides products related to the field of commerce, services, industry... on a digital platform. Through the e-commerce trading system, the province can monitor, analyze, forecast and summarize the market situation and the local goods consumption, establishing a chain from production to consumption of provincial goods in the domestic market. In addition, closely coordinating with the appropriate ministries and branches can help analyze, forecast and synthesize reports on the market situation by industry and market area; guiding the market policies, the trade barriers and the technical ones on the goods import and export; actively participating in the development of the international market. The input supply stage of the e-commerce trading floor includes the finished products of enterprises/cooperatives that can be brought to the market right away through the system, or through the processing plant before being distributed and retailed on the market. The system automatically notifies when any product category is almost out of stock or the system administrator can set it up according to a specific quantity limit. The customers of the system are the units or individuals who have consumption needs or want to become retail stores... can access the system to choose goods, and the buying and selling process complies with the regulations.

With the desire to create an e-commerce trading floor that integrates many features, the project focuses on building a convenient, modern, easy-to-use and accessible digital business environment. As with the product/service catalog management feature, the E-commerce trading administrator can create a product/service catalog according to many different searching criteria (the newly posted products, the products of a company or the products containing a specific keyword…), then you can view the detailed information of each product. If the product information violates the regulations of the e-commerce trading floor, the administrator can delete it, send a warning letter to the company or penalize that company according to the regulations (lock the member accounts, downgrade the members ...).

The softwware ogg the provincial e-commerce trading floor is designed with more than 30 categories and 2,000 types of products, updating according to the requirements of the enterprises... With the feature of the company's product management, each member of the e-commerce trading floor can log in the private Office section to post information about business products after accessing. The information about the products posted will appear on the company page, in the relevant searching results on the main page of the e-commerce trading floor as well as in the categories of the newly-posted products, the typial products (if all advertising conditions are met on the typical products). The product management function allows the e-commerce trading members to manage products: adding, deleting, editing products, organizing products into groups, displaying products on the company page like an online store.

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