(HBO) - The implementation of the democratic regulations in communes, wards and towns according to the Ordinance No. 34 during the last time in Xuan Phong commune (Cao Phong) has shown the positive signals on the different faces of social life.

The good promotion of the democracy regulations at the grassroots level, Xuan Phong commune (Cao Phong) has hardened nearly 80% of the rural roads, creating favourable conditions for people to travel and transport goods.

Through the propaganda, the awareness of the officials and party members have greatly changed in term of the role of the mobilization, especially the democratic regulations in all activities. With the motto "People know, people discuss, people do, people check” has brought many practical and practical results in the new rural construction in the locality.

There have been 6 hamlets, 830 households with more than 3,700 people in whole commune. Having been implementing the construction of the new rural construction from 2011, although there are many difficulties, the commune has tried to complete 12 out of the 19 criteria.

Currently, nearly 80% of rural roads of the commune have been hardened; the rate of solidified canals has reached 80%; 100% of households have been using electricity regularly and safely; the percentage of people participating in health insurance have reached 100%; Every commune has their own cultural house ...

To achieve that result, the commune has focused on propaganda in many ways such as on the commune’s loudspeaker system, on the stage, integrated in the community meetings, etc. The commune authority has publicly shown the plans, the detailed maps of the works and publicly getting the comments from the people. The local people are allowed to participate in discussions, direct comments and supervision of the implementation process.

Making people become the subjects in building the new rural areas helps each individual and household understand and actively implement the policy of "The State and people work together.” Accordingly, the total budget for the implementation since 2011has been more than 96 billion dongs, in which, the mobilization from the local budget and the people including labor days and land donation worth nearly 1.8 billion VND. The households donated land have been publicly shown the donated land before every citizen’s meeting.

In order to create the consensus among the people through the implementation of the democratic regulations, the officials and the party members in the commune have promoted the pioneering and exemplary role in building new rural areas.

Affirming the effectiveness of implementing the democratic regulations, Mr. Bui Van Dieng, the Chairman of the People's Committee of Xuan Phong Commune, says: "The officials and the party members have promoted the role of responsibility in the work for the common benefit. The activities of the locality are all set up for people to contribute their ideas, creating the objectivity in the implementation process. The settlement of the regimes and policies for the people has ensured the regulations. The people have the right to take part in and enjoy the material values they have created. Thereby, they have been creating the people’s belief in the leadership of the Party, the administration of the government, and creating a solid unity for the whole people.

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