(HBO) - Spring has come to Hoa Binh hometown. The New Year's Eve welcoming the spring of Tan Suu 2021 and the special early days of spring are different from every year. The cultural programs to welcome spring, the fireworks and the festivals have all been postponed to ensure a gap in preventing and fighting against Covid-19 pandemics. However, the atmosphere of the warm, peaceful, joyful and hopeful spring can be felt everywhere in the province.

The monument of Uncle Ho on Hoa Binh Hydro-electric plant is the destination of the early spring for a large number of Hoa Binh people.

The brilliant flags and flowers have been hung everywhere from the city on the Da river, the center of the province to the four Muong land: Bi, Vang, Thang, Dong, the highland of Mai Chau, Da Bac, then Lac Thuy, Luong Son to welcome the new year, and to celebrate the success of the 13th National Communist Party. Instead of gathering in large groups of people to watch the fireworks and watch cultural performances, going in groups from the beginning of the village to the end of the street to wish each other on the occasion of the New Year, many residential areas and families have decorated their houses and streets with many colors to welcome Tet at home with the right meaning of the true reunion Tet.

For the People of group 3 from Dong Tien ward (Hoa Binh city), the spring of Tan Suu 2021 has become even more special when the lockdown order to block Covid-19 was lifted on the eve of the new year. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, the leader of group 3 said: Although the whole group had to be isolated before Tet, the people were still provided with the sufficient necessities at a stable price and they all had a full Tet. When the lockdown order was lifted, the people were very excited, however, they were still conscious of epidemic prevention and control, limiting the contact in the crowded places and strictly obeying wearing face masks.

With the efforts and drastic and timely cooperation of the Party committees and the appropriate authorities and the consensus of the People, the ethnic minorities in the province have been able to welcome a peaceful Tet in a new normal state. No more Covid-19 cases in the community have appeared in the province. In particular, the families with difficult circumstances, the poor households have been cared for, ensuring that every family has Tet. In addition to the gifts from the State President and the province, the poor households and the families under the preferential policies have also received the gifts from the Fund for the Poor and the benefactors. Particularly, the Provincial Fatherland Front has allocated 4,300 sets of Tet gifts to 10 districts and the city. On the eve of the new spring, the delegation of the Central Committee led by Mr. Pham Minh Chinh, the Member of the Politburo, the Head of the Central Committee visited and congratulated the New Year, giving 400 gifts to the poor households and the workers with difficult circumstances working hard, and the beneficiaries under the provincial social protection. They have donated 1.1 billion VND to the province to take care of Tet for the poor household. The leaders of the province, the districts and the city have also been directly to the residential areas to wish Tet, present gifts, and encourage the people.

Although there were no fireworks or art shows, people were still feeling the sacred moment changing between the old year - the new year and a warm and safe New Year. Punctuality, at the sacred moment full of emotions, the leader of the Party, State and the provincial leaders cordially sent the best New Year greetings to all the People.

Tan Suu Spring has returned with a peaceful start. The weather of New Year's Eve and the ideal early spring days, which were cold and clear, looked as if it was satisfying the people. During Tet holidays, the social security and safety in the province were stable with no outstanding cases, the key and important works have been safely protected. In the early spring, people were travelling to Monument of Uncle Ho on the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant. They were also travelling to the temples and pagodas to wish a healthy, peaceful, happy new year, abiding quite well the regulations on the prevention and control of the pandemics.

With the spirit of a happy new spring, not forgetting the task, right from the 3rd day of the lunar New Year, many people in many parts of the province have been to the fields with their work with an exciting and bustling mind. In some localities, the Tree Planting Festival of "Forever Gratitude to Uncle Ho” has been launched, contributing to the environmental protection, responding to the climate change. The farms and factories have also been in operation after Tet holidays, and they have always been paying attention to COVID-19 prevention and control with the motto "safety for production, production must be safe”.

A bustling new spring has knocked on the door of Hoa Binh homeland. With the achieved foundations and goals, orientations, and the specific solutions set out, with a happy mind at the early spring, it is believed that the province will steadily overcome the challenges to fulfill the aspirations of prosperity and happy.


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