(HBO) – There are huge tasks left for the remaining months of this year, requiring the high sense of responsibility of the entire political system, especially heads of agencies, said Ngo Van Tuan, member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of Hoa Binh province’s Party Committee.

Hoa Binh Bridge 2 with total investment of nearly 600 billion VND has been opened technically. Spanning over Da River, the bridge is expected to contribute to urban development in Hoa Binh city.

Since the beginning of this year, the provincial Party Committee has drastically instructed the implementation of the tasks of COVID-19 prevention and control and socio-economic development.

Thanks to synchronous, suitable solutions, Hoa Binh has brought the pandemic under control, maintained pandemic-free zones, and gradually restore socio-economic activities in the new context.

In the first ninth months of this year, the province’s gross regional domestic product (GRDP) grew some 8.3 percent, with agro-forestry-fishery accounting for 18.49 percent; industry-construction, 45.39 percent; services, 31.07 percent; and product tax, 5.05 percent.

Agricultural production has remained stable, with marked progress seen in many fields. Meanwhile, the building of new-style rural areas and the implementation of the One Commune, One Product (OCOP) have reaped pragmatic results.

Hoa Binh’s industrial production index expanded 10 percent year-on-year. Its export revenue stood at about 807.8 million USD, up 10.5 percent.

The locality has also made strides in administrative reform, site clearance and disbursement (70 percent).

The Party Committee, however, pointed out many limitations and shortcomings that need to be handled.

To complete targets and tasks set for 2021, it asked departments, agencies and localities to seriously roll out the action programme implementing the resolution adopted at the 13th National Party Congress, and the resolution of the 17th provincial Party Congress, and tasks for 2021.

Synchronous solutions are needed to speed up State budget collection in 2021, and better perform the land clearance work, the committee said.

It also ordered mobilising resources for the early construction of an inter-regional route, the Hoa Lac-Hoa Binh expressway, and the first phase of the Hoa Binh-Moc Chau expressway.

Apart from accelerating disbursement to complete the 2021 plan, drastic solutions should be taken to further reform administrative procedures, improve the local investment climate, and raise the provincial competitiveness index.

The committee also stressed the need to effectively utilise investments, especially in transport infrastructure, industrial parks and clusters and tourism infrastructure.

It urged further reviewing planning at industrial parks and clusters, and special heed to COVID-19 prevention and control, towards safe adaptation to the pandemic as instructed by the Government, natural disaster response, and measures to ensure political stability, and social order and safety.

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(HBO) – With just half a month to go before the Tet (Lunar New Year – Year of the Tiger), officials and people in Hoa Binh province are promoting patriotic emulation movements, fully tapping potential and actively removing difficulties to effectively implement the "dual goal" of COVID-19 prevention and control while resuming production and socio-economic development in the new normal. Resolution of the 17th provincial Party Congress will be realised as well as the socio-economic development plan and the State budget estimate for 2022.

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